Ten rounds, 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 for time of:

Overhead squats, 95# (65#)

Knees to elbows


60m Run

Post time to comments.


Sherry taking a little nap after the WOD.  Shhh, don't wake her.

Challenge: do something different this week, something that will benefit your health.  Here's a couple if ideas: instead of driving to get groceries, try walking or riding your bike.  How about this; every time you touch a door knob, do 10 squats.  On your lunch break at work, take 15 minutes to practice handstands.  If you have to go to bathroom, stand up, yell "YEAH BURPEES!!!", do 5 burpees and rush off to the restroom.  If you are outdoors, consider it a privilege to be able to run in this great country of ours and run to your destination – where ever that may be. 

If you think of something fun – post it to comments and we'll all do it.


  1. liz riviere :

    DFD Engine Co. 16
    Tollund 22:42 (65#)
    Baker 20:30 (65#)
    Riviere 23:45 (curl bar)

  2. Anna :

    Those who are attending cert 1 this weekend, can you make a copy of your mreading materials. I have yet to receive anything.

  3. Matt :

    Send HQ an email, as they will send you the materials plus some other goodies of your own. This will also verify that they are expecting you at the cert.
    BW back squat/push up WOD
    NMFR M61
    Chan: 279
    O’leary: 253

  4. Tracee Carroll :

    Hi CrossFit VERVE! This is Tracee Carroll from EmerFit up in Fort Collins. I was planning to participate in Regionals in a few weeks and have unfortunately injured myself.
    Skip has suggested finding a replacement. The entry fee was $100 and is nonrefundable. I’m hoping to find someone to not only fill my spot but to help me absorb the loss of the fee. If there are any ladies at your affiliate who missed the deadline to register, I would gladly work something out with them!
    Thanks in advance,
    Tracee Carroll

  5. AmySchaeffer :

    Ok so for the Rockies game this Saturday I am going to get the tickets tomorrow. So far I have Luke, Melissa, heather, Zack, matt, Stef, Joylyn, Mas. If I have forgotten anyone (Cherie?) please let me know. You can even call or text me: 937.409.3521

  6. Joylyn :

    Amy, I think Anna was gonna go, and Jen? Come on TMart–we can all go limp around after the cert together at the game! It’s gonna be fu–un.

  7. Anna :

    Yes Amy, I want to go. Alna can not he works. But definetaly me.

  8. Luke :

    What if you do 10 push-ups during every commercial break while you’re watching tv?

  9. James :

    Amy, let me know where you guys are sitting – I’ve already got tickets for me and the family, but I’d love to meet up with you guys.

  10. JEN :

    Amy…I am in for the baseball game! No Rockie dogs for this cat!

  11. Gerson M :

    Thanks for the tix Amy!

  12. Tiff :

    i like it luke…i think i’m adopting that one

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