Wednesday 100428

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes:

7 Squat cleans, 95#/65#

7 Push press, 95#/65#

7 Burpees

Post rounds and additional reps to comments.

Matt getting ready for Regionals

Want to go to Regionals but can't swing the $25 or do you just want to be involved?  Front Range CrossFit is still needing volunteers for Friday.  If anyone is interested e-mail Cherie at  

Intensity defined

Anyone that has spent much time in a globo-gym has surely run into the "Gym Boss".  This is the guy that clearly is in charge of the gym – and more specifically, the free weights.  You might recognize the Gym Boss by his strappy tank top, his revealing shorts/overalls, the bandana that covers the majority of his forehead, or maybe his perfectly bronzed skin.  He's most likely carrying a small hip purse that carries snacks and trinkets and things.  The Gym Boss has one characteristic that separates him from the pack – his loud yelling between reps or sets.  This is clearly the mark of an intense workout… or is it?

Our definition of intensity takes a more scientific approach. Intensity is exactly equal to power, which in turn is equal to force multiplied by distance, divided by time.  Let's put this idea into application with a workout… let's try "Fran".

Thrusters, 95lbs

One repetition of a thruster will move 95lbs 48".  One repetition of a pull-up moves my 205lbs body 28".  We are completing 45 reps of both thrusters and pull-ups, so our total load equals 300lbs and the total distance equals 76" multiplied by 45 repetitions.  Let's say it takes me 5 minutes to complete Fran – there is the time component of the equation.

Power = (Total Load * Total Distance) / Time

P = 300lbs * 285' / 300sec

P = 85500 ft lbs / 300sec

P = 285 ft lbs per sec

P = .51 horsepower (550 ft lbs per sec)

Again, power is exactly equal to intensity, which can be measured for every workout.  The magic is in the movements, the art is in the programming, and the science is in the explanation – that's CrossFit in a nutshell.  So when people ask you what you mean by high intensity workouts, you can tell them that intensity is equal to force multiplied by distance divided by time and not by how loud you are between reps.


  1. Jeff "CueBall" :

    So I’ve been looking to organize a posse of hooligans (or for Sarah and Amy, a Wolf Pack) for the Sunday events. (Have to work Sat boo)
    Able to be louder then all other CF fans to ensure that they know Verve is there to dominate.
    If you feel that there should be a dress code, like sporting Alan’s sick nasty artwork, do make note of that.
    That is all

  2. robyn :

    Anyone planning on going down on Saturday, if so anyone want to possibly car pool. Thinking I can make Saturday but not Sunday, still not sure?

  3. Amanda K. :

    I’m volunteering on Friday and will be yelling all day Saturday and Sunday. I’ll car pool both days. Let’s plan something out.

  4. Anna :
  5. Anna :

    Robyn, I thought you were competeting!!

  6. Jeff "CueBall" :

    Anna that is amazing! If I meet her in person I would have never guessed her age.

  7. Sarah L :

    Jeff i like your style and i will beeeeee there!!!! 🙂 Go wolf pack!

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