Monday 100920

"CrossFit Total"

For max load:

Back squat

Shoulder press


For rules and more information about the CrossFit Total, read Mark Rippetoe's CrossFit Journal article from December 2006.  It can be downloaded here.

Compare to: 100528

Post total to comments. 

McKenna uses a belt in all his adventures… do you? 

A Note on the Use of Weightlifting Belts

There are many arguments for and/or against the use of belts when weightlifting.  Some argue that it provides a false sense of safety.  Others think that the use of a weightlifting belt provides a crutch that may not be available when called upon to lift a heavy object in real life.  I am of the opinion that training with a belt teaches us how to effectively use abdominal pressure to assist the erectors of the back in keeping the spine in a safe position.  I'll allow you to form your own opinion on the matter, but recommend trying a belt for a few days before passing judgement.

Here are some tips on how to use a belt safely.  First, start by finding a belt that fits your waistline.  When trying one on, relax your gut and tighten the belt around your lumbar spine and around the level of your umbilicus.  In this relaxed position, there should be some room to tighten the belt a bit.  If not, grab a smaller belt.

Now that you have your belt picked out, load your bar and get ready to lift.  The last thing you do before addressing the barbell is tightening the belt to a comfortable lifting position.  A common mistake is tightening the belt so that it compresses the abdomen, thereby not allowing you to blow your belly against it.  It should only be tightened to a snug position, where you have room to pressurize your midsection against it.  This is worth stating once more, you do NOT want to compress your abdomen with the belt.  Now lift!

Does the belt allow you to lift more weight with a stronger midsection?  Yes!  Consider this for a moment; if you practice lifting with a belt on and become incredibly strong, will you still be stronger without the belt on – right?  Also, by lifting with a belt on, we reinforce the concept of stabilizing the midline when lifting heavy – a unbelievably important concept with or without a belt on.  We got a bunch of new one's in, so feel free to use one any time.


  1. Matt :

    Screw facebook, post your PR’s here! I want to see how strong y’all are.

  2. Amanda K. :

    love the belt! and i second pr’s.

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  4. Maybe we’re just lacking the crazy heads?
    I especially dislike the Regency style one; tying it to your head with black ribbon does not make it look any better.
    Man, the only dream I had last night was that I was being forced to evaluate my chiropractor’s earring collection. I think you should ask your patron what she read before she went to bed last night.

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