Saturday 101030


30 Power clean & jerk 135# (95#)

Post time to comments.


I love Coach Glassman (watch this video)


  1. Dan Y :

    For anybody that didn’t catch that above, click on the part that says “(watch this video)” to see Coach Glassman talk about a new direction in crossfit. cool.

  2. Anna :

    Pure AWESOMENESS….thats all I have to say, bout that.
    Love that video, gives me chills!

  3. cherie :

    I love each and everyone of you….. you just gotta accept it.

  4. Matt :

    Yep, the man is simply awesome. He is the catalyst to our community, our fitness, and our unspoken respect for one another. I personally thank him from the bottom of my heart for bringing each of you into my life. Thanks Greg.
    Now let’s go get some fuckin’ grub.

  5. Joylyn :

    Totally incredible! The man, the mind, the community. Love it all–amazing what a life can do….pretty damn exciting.

  6. Jack :

    Both videos are a awesome description of triumph and failure. Thanks for inspiring my Saturday.

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