Friday 161028

Everyday Warrior Workout #1
As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
3 Deadlifts 275#(185#)
3 Box jump overs 24″(20″)
3 Deadlifts 275#(185#)
6 Box jump overs 24″(20″)
* Deadlift reps remain at 3
Add 3 reps to each round of box jump overs

-You can see full workout and details here

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Ryan busy PR'ing his back squat under the watchful eyes of Michael and Jade!

Ryan busy PR’ing his back squat under the watchful eyes of Michael and Jade!

HAPPINESS – an article from Finding Happiness with interjections from Anna Mattson

Happiness is something I take very seriously as I am a firm believer that you choose your happiness.  You wake up each day and make a decision, some days are harder than others, but you make the choice.  I found this article with some great bullet points to help you focus on being happy.  You can see the full article here

Tips for How to Be Happy

1.) Let go of negativity.

  • Learn to forgive and forget.

  • See every challenge as an opportunity for further growth.

  • Express gratitude for what you have. –When I take Paige for a walk every day, I take time to think about the great things in my life.  I don’t take my phone so I can focus and I just think of all of the great things.  Do I have bad things that happen or are happening in my life? Yes, but I don’t give them free rent in my head.

  • Know that none of us are perfect, we are all here to entertain and be entertained.

  • Don’t worry about the little things. Take plenty of “worry vacations” where you train your mind not to worry for a certain lengths of time. – This is key and really hard! Meditation is key to helping this happen

  • If you want to be more positive, surround yourself with positive energy and people. Nurture the positive relationships that you have, seeking out more of those relationships that help uplift you.

2.) Serve and be kind to others.

  • Treat everyone with kindness. Not only does it help others to feel better, but you will notice that you too feel good after having a positive interaction with others. – Whether it is the cashier at the store, the “traveller” that you simply smile at, or random people on the street you say hello to, that kind of kindness is unexpected and can make someone’s day!

  • Speak well of others. When you speak negatively of others you will attract more negativity to yourself, but when you speak positively of others, you will attract more positivity. – AMEN!!

  • Truly listen to others. Be present and mindful to what others are really saying when they speak. Support them without bringing yourself into it.

  • Be careful with your words. Speak gentler, kinder, and wiser.

  • Practice generosity and giving without expecting anything in return. Get involved with service opportunities and offer what you can to a greater cause.

  • Smile more– to family, to co-workers, to neighbors, to strangers– and watch it not only change how you feel but also how they feel too.

3.) Choose a healthy lifestyle.

  • Keep a daily routine. Wake up at the same time every morning, preferably early. Setting yourself to a natural biorhythm will make it easier to wake up and feel energized.

  • Get enough sleep. Proper sleep is linked to positive personality characteristics like optimism, improved self-esteem, and even problem solving.

  • Expose yourself to cold temperatures (especially first thing in the morning with perhaps a cold shower). It increases your circulation, helps minimize inflammation in the body, enhances weight loss, and energizes and invigorates you to start your day.

  • Turn off the TV. For every hour of TV you watch, you reduce 22 minutes of your life expectancy.

  • Eat properly. What you eat has a direct effect on your mood and energy levels.

  • Exercise daily to the point of sweating. It not only helps to purify the body, but also releases endorphins which help to prevent stress, relieve depression, and positively improve your mood.

  • Laugh more. Laughter is the best medicine. Like exercise, it releases endorphins that battle the negative effects of stress and promote a sense of well-being and joy.

4.) Take care of your spirit.

  • Strive to always learn new things. Constantly expand your awareness and discover new ways of expressing your divine gifts.

  • Get creative. This will not only challenge you to learn new things, but will also help to keep your mind in a positive place.

5.)  Reconnect with Nature.

  • Take some time every week to recharge your body battery. On the weekend, escape to nature or a place where you can feel peace in time for a fresh start to the work week.

  • Get outside whenever possible to breathe in the fresh air and feel the sunshine. Both of which studies have shown to have a positive effect on our health and our mood.

  • Take some time to be silent. Be silent and calm every night for at least 10 minutes (longer if possible) and again in the morning before rising. This will produce an unbreakable habit of inner happiness to help you meet challenges in life.

Ask yourself what makes you happy, and find ways to restructure your life so that you are able to do more of those things.

Visualize yourself happy, doing the things that will bring you inner and outer success in life and write down the things you need to do to create a Happiness Bucket List. Start with the little things you know you can do each day that will bring you joy. Then move on to accomplish greater and greater things on your happiness bucket list.


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