For time:

100m Farmer's carry, 48kg (32kg)

45 Squats

45 Kettlebell swings, 24kg (16kg)

100m Farmer's carry, 48kg (32kg)

30 Push-ups

30 Deadlifts, 155# (105#)

100m Farmer's carry, 48kg (32kg)

15 Chest-to-bar pull-ups

15 Power cleans, 155# (105#)

Post time to comments.

Here's to all the beautiful people at Verve.

Is your image of beauty distorted?  I can admit that mine is, I haven't always been comfortable in my skin.  My previous, bigger muscles and smaller breasts, nor am I comfortable with it now, a few more pounds and no tiny waist. 

My point, we all have a big picture in our heads of what we want to "look" like, what our personal image of beauty is for ourselves.  For many, this is a source of stress, mostly focused on dieting to loss weight (some to gain, I know), and can become an obsession. I challenge us all to focus more on our health and less on our beauty.  Eat right because it's healthy and makes you feel your best, and perform better, not because it will make is look "better".  If we focus on our health than the beauty just comes.



  1. Chris :
  2. Tiff :

    love it. thanks for addressing this Cherie! i have to remind myself all the time of these ideas. strong IS beautiful!! and there’s nothing more beautiful than a person who is totally comfy in their own skin…confidence radiates.
    that’s something i love about the “verve transformation”. watching others (and myself) grow into themselves as they do more and more they thought they never could. the transformation is visible both inside and out!!!
    so mad i’m missing this WOD…looks like a doozy. oh well, working my life away is a doozy too…heh.

  3. Amy Schaeffer :

    James, I am not sure exactly where we will sit because I don’t think RockPile seats are assigend – just assigned section. Here is my number, call me and I can let you know once we get to the game: 937.409.3521
    This is who I have going to the game that I need to get tickets for (if you want to go call/text me because I am getting them this afternoon): Me, Melissa, Luke, Heather, Zack, Matt, Stef, Joylyn, Mas, Anna, Jen, Gerson, Tim, Sara

  4. Emmalee :

    WOD as Rx’d 9:47.
    Wish I could go to the Rockies game, stupid work!

  5. Cherie :

    Amy – I’m in! Just don’t tempt me with any stadium food.

  6. Amy Schaeffer :

    Tim was nice enough to get the tickets this afternoon. Thanks Tim! There are 17 Ververs going but if anyone decides that they do in fact want to go, I am sure there will be RockPile tickets left.
    And we want to try and tailgate before. Zack mentioned a grill and so did Tim but nothing is set in stone. But, if we did have access to a grill then we could make our own delicious Paleo/Zone baseball foods and I wouldn’t have to tempt Cherie with the gross stadium stuff

  7. Heather :

    Thanks Amy for being such a great organizer, and thanks 2 Tim for getting the tix, we can definitely still bring our grill to tailgate, plus if we all bring some healthy snacks to share that game food won’t even look appetizing, all were missin is some pre-game pump up music, and a sunny day!!

  8. Cherie :

    Great article Chris thanks. Nice to see the paleo diet get one media attention.

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