Aerobic Capacity Seminar with Coach Chris Hinshaw

chris hinshaw Aerobic Capacity Seminar with Coach Chris Hinshaw

Coach Chris Hinshaw

Aerobic Capacity Seminar with Coach Chris Hinshaw  —  Saturday, July 19  2014 at CrossFit Verve

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This seminar is centered around developing your resistance to fatigue. Coach Hinshaw will lecture on understanding the sources of fatigue, how it develops and limits performance. He will also cover pacing – athlete on-boarding, assessing your aerobic efficiency, manipulation of workout variables, threshold training, dynamic vs static warm-up, and personalized interval programming. Another lecture will discuss muscle recruitment and development – the transition from CrossFit to endurance and the space in-between. The last lecture will cover developing aerobic capacity – programming endurance workouts (volume verses intensity, general to specific).

There will be two practical application workouts, including a run workout that focuses on the importance of pacing based on the standard list of programming variables (interval distance, workout distance, amount of rest, type of rest) and a row / ballistic team workout.  You will leave this one day seminar with a better understanding of the development of aerobic capacity and resistance to fatigue, as well as how to apply this knowledge to a workout scenario for CrossFit athletes.

A little about Coach Chris Hinshaw:

A former All American swimmer and an experienced professional triathlete with top international finishes including a 2nd place overall finish at the Hawaiian Ironman World Championships, 2-time member of Team USA at the Hawaiian Ironman, 2nd place overall finish at the Ironman World Championships in Canada, and a 1st place overall finish at Ironman Brazil.

Coach Chris has been a CrossFit athlete for almost 6 years. He specializes in endurance coaching for the CrossFit athlete. Chris is a CrossFit Level 1 trainer, CrossFit Competitor Course certified, Certified Rocktape Doc, NC Lab Scientist, and coach at NorCal CrossFit. Chris is the endurance coach to more than a dozen Games athletes including Jason Khalipa, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Matt Chan, Lindsey Valenzuela, Alessandra Pichelli, Dan Bailey, Lauren Fisher, Neal Maddox, Pat Barber, Garret Fisher, Gretchen Kettleberger, Rory Zambard, and Cole Sager.

Hours:  9AM–5PM, lunch 12PM–1PM

Address:  3344 Walnut St  Denver, CO 80205

Cost:  $150, via MBO sign-up here.  Non-refundable, non-transferrable.

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