We will be working out indoors, yeah!  We have a new temporary location until our box is finished with construction.  Click here for the location.


5 Rounds, 50 – 40 – 30 – 20 – 10 for time of:

Double unders


Post time to comments.


Parker Fire WOD crew.  Thanks guys! 


  1. Kiley :

    What!! no sit-ups in the snow……and what about that snowball fight we talked about? — Actually inside sounds very cozy. See you in the morning!

  2. Amy :

    Ok, I have to beat my previous time of 16:37…….I have been sucking pretty bad lately but I’ll give it my all!

  3. Amy :

    It was fun working out today in the gym!
    It’s just sad that I will no longer be able to acquire dog shit on the bottom of my shoe while blindly finding my way to the snow covered hill I came to call “The Bathroom”.
    Seriously, I loved working out outside but I know the Verve gym is going to be AMAZING!!!

  4. “Annie” – Last done on Oct. 31st, 2008
    Joei 17:58 (5-1 singles)
    Kiley 10:11
    Emmalee 17:21
    Joylyn 18:49
    Mas 18:11
    Alan 12:05
    Anna 11:38
    Jason 11:48
    Cass 12:08 (3-1 singles)
    Cheresa 6:53 T2B
    Dan 8:24
    Amy 12:38 (PR was 16:37)
    Eric 8:46
    Jared 8:38 (PR was 14:50)
    Mike 18:42 (half 5-1 singles)
    Kristin 12:51
    Matt 5:58
    Great job today everyone. Also, nice work on the KB Snatches afterward!

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