For time:

45 Double unders

45 Push press, 55% of max PP

45 Burpees

45 Double unders

Post time to comments.

MelandchrisOHS Bike 

Melissa Z. and Chris P. looking hot at the top of Vail Pass.

Have you lost steam (and results) regarding your nutrition?  Have you haulted the weighing and measuring in favor of eyeballing the size of your meals?  Have you allowed salt, grains, legumes, dairy, and alcohol sneak back into your diet?  Do you feel the or see the difference in the mirror?  If so, we have some good news for you.

We offer all of our unlimited monthly members a free nutritional personal training session.  We will be holding a free session this Saturday at Noon, for those interested in brushing up or if you are getting the information for the first time.  Email if you are interested in attending.  We will introduce you to the Zone and Paleolithic eating and discuss the foundations of long term nutritional program.  We will discuss timing and frequency of meals, sizing and portioning of meals specific to you (your body measurements, your activity level, and your goals).

Have you been inspired to compete after seeing all the footage from the CrossFit Games?  If you are itching to try out a competition, Front Range CrossFit is holding the second annual Colorado Open this September 12th and 13th.  Three events will be held on Saturday and one event on Sunday. The cost is $65 and there are 125 athlete slots, if you are interested register here

Here is a video to inspired you (disclaimer: do not watch if your kids are around).


  1. Gerson M :

    Nice pix guys!

  2. Matt :

    Great photo! Almost makes me wish I had a road bike. Anyone want to go mountain biking this weekend?

  3. Gerson M :

    What up Matt… I have to take my bike into the shop for a tune up, if I can make it Iā€™m in!

  4. Stef :

    Hey… I saw THE MATT CHAN in the video!!! I freakin wish I could’ve been there. Crossfit competitions are sick šŸ™‚

  5. Tiff :

    looks fun guys! i hope i can make it next time =)

  6. Amy Schaeffer :

    When are you going mountain biking, Matt?
    Also, can’t wait for Sunday’s WOD!!!! I don’t know if you knew this but I was pretty much the best one on swim team.

  7. Joylyn :

    There’s some serious Verve in that video! I love the part with Cherie in the background hanging over the fence yelling!
    Sweet pic guys!
    btw…double unders make me angry…and even more klutzy than before.

  8. James :

    OK, testimonial time: Back in college (waaaay back in college), I rowed on the crew team. Because it is pretty impossible to measure your power output on the water, rowers were measured strength-wise by their times on the ergometers, particularly their 2000m time. My best time came just before my spring racing season my sophomore year when I pulled a 6:20.3 for 2000m.
    I didn’t row much after college and about five years ago I decided to start training for the CRASH-Bs — the world indoor rowing championships in Boston. In addition to weight training, I started rowing seriously on the erg 6 days a week — training pieces between 1000 and 10,000 meters. After about 6 months of that, my best 2000m time was 6:43, which I was pretty happy with because there is some difference on the erg between sea level and altitude, so a 6:43 is pretty good. However, after all that training, I ended up straining my back, likely from too much rowing.
    I didn’t touch an erg again until I joined Verve. I’ve rowed occasionally in WODs and then a little rowing every once in awhile after a WOD, but nothing serious. Then this afternoon I walked in and pulled 2000m in 6:37.8.
    What that says to me is that this sh*t works. Without specifically training my ability to row, crossfit improved my physical preparedness so much that I was better at rowing than I was five years ago when I spent all my time training my rowing.
    Now my goal is that 6:20.3 time I posted 18 years ago. . . .
    Crossfit rocks.

  9. Matt :

    Yeah James!!!!! Congrats and happy birthday big guy.

  10. leslie :

    I love love love the WODs posting style again! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

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