Cherie’s No-Excuses Turkey Chili

Turkey Chili


2.5 lbs lean ground turkey meat

78 black olives, sliced or diced

5.5 cups of salsa (I buy the 4 pounder of Pace at Costco)

1 onion, diced

Chili powder and pepper to taste


Cook the ground turkey and onions in a pan until brown.  Drain the "juices."  Add the salsa and olives.  Let cook on medium for 5 minutes or until hot.  Add chili powder and pepper to taste, I sprinkle it on the top, stir and sprinkle again.  Seriously, it takes all of 15 minutes, it's awesomeness.  

Makes 26 blocks Protein, 13 blocks Carbs, and 26 blocks Fat.  Put in the fridge and have ready for those meals you need in a snap.  

1 cup = 2P, 1C, 2F.  

For a 3 block meal, have 1.5 cups chili and add 1.5C (maybe some delicious fruit berries).  For a 4 block meal, have 2 cups chili and add 2C.  This is great over broccoli.  We go crazy on the steamer bag veggies at King Soopers when they go on sale.  Microwave a bag and toss the chili on, YUM YUM!  

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