Creatures of Habit


Seriously, who doesn't love your run of the mill Mexican wrap?  It's a staple item in our house and I guarantee, if you spend a little time Zoning, it will become a staple in your's as well.

4 block meal:

1 pepper, sliced and cooked (.5 carb block)

.25 cup cooked thinly sliced onions (.5 carb block)

.25 cup washed black beans (1 carb block)

.25 cup thinly sliced, cooked mushrooms (less than .25 carb block)

2 low-carb tortillas (2 carb blocks)

4oz. Mexican spiced, sliced chicken (4 protein blocks)

4 tbsp. avacado (4 fat blocks)

Spice to taste and Viva la Zone!

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