"Dumb Thrust'n Fun"

For time:

21 Dumbell thruster, 40# (25#)
21 Dumbell step-ups, 40# (25#)
Run 2 blocks 
15 Dumbell thrusters, 40# (25#)
15 Dumbell step-ups, 40# (25#)
Run 1 blocks
9 Dumbell thrusters, 40# (25#)
9 Dumbell step-ups , 40# (25#)
Post time to comments.
Anna, enjoying some down time after a clean. 


  1. Amy Schaeffer :

    Hey everyone! Thanks for an awesome time this weekend! Jared and I were sad that we missed the Roller Derby as well as the Chans on the dance floor but will be sure to make it next time. And what’s this about a Verve roller derby team? That sounds awesome!

  2. Doug :

    Jared and Amy- thanks for the hospitality yesterday! I had a great time. Also, thanks to everyone who brought food- I need to get the recipe for jambalaya from Mas and Joylyn!

  3. Zac :

    Anna I have been in that position once or twice before. I am still drinking beer to cool off my mouth from the jumbalya, thanks Joylyn and Más. Jared I love you still and thanks for everything Amy I had a splended evening. To all that contributed and to all that lost to me at poker, gracias!

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