Wondering what types of exercise we preform? 

Here is a sample list of exercises you will encounter with your WODs at CrossFit Verve.  Now imagine them in every possible configuration.  They are focused in the three superior training modalities: Metcon (cardio), weightlifting (the olympic variety) and gymnastics (body weight movements).  All are functional movements, no isolation and all preformed along side one another, mostly for time.  The options are endless, constantly varied and will train you to be fitter than you’ve ever been.

Running, jumping, biking jump roping using singles and double unders, rowing, air squatting, front squatting, back squatting, overhead squatting, snatches, pull ups, push ups and dips with and without rings, jumping, strict and kipping, ball slams, wall balls, sit-ups, L-sits, muscle ups, trusters with dumbbells, a bar or a ball, kettlebells using swings, snatches, jerks, cleans and sumo deadlift high pulls, knees to elbows, shoulder press, push press, and push jerk, deadlift, rope climbs, farmers walk, burpees, and broad jumps

See it for yourself:

Dawson taking on "The Chief"!  Awesome job Dawson.  When this video was taken Dawson had been training with Matt for only two weeks.  We’re looking forward to the sequiel.

To see more check out the main site videos on form, tips and techniques.

Videos of common exercises