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Mas and Joylyn take on New Zealand.

– This post is thanks to guest authors Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Godinez.

Are we all part of something bigger?   Do you take Crossfit with you on vacation, or do you take a vacation from Crossfit?  Verve makes travel WOD's available, or do you make your playtime into a workout?  

Recently, we were very lucky to honeymoon around New Zealand and Sydney for several weeks.  Crossfit has truly become part of our lifestyle over the past year, so it was perfectly natural for us to look up the local affiliates during our trip.  Once people got over the initial shock of us spending part of our honeymoon working out, they quickly welcomed us into their families.  If you've been around Verve or Crossfit for any amount of time, that is one of the most special aspects, being part of a much larger community of Crossfit.    The affiliates we visited ranged from fresh and recently opened, to more established.  We sometimes ran on our own two feet, took trains, buses, and of course, drove our "Love Bus" campervan to find them all, but at the end of each mapquest we found open doors and garages filled with people just like our friendly group here at Verve.  People pushing themselves past their limits, dripping with sweat, cheering each other on, having a hearty laugh at themselves, and sticking around to work on skills or just chit-chat about life. 

CFD Joylynringpush 
The time at the affiliates such as Crossfit New Zealand, Crossfit Auckland, Crossfit Christchurch, Crossfit Dunedin, and Crossfit Sydney not only allowed us to meet new friends, but also learn a little something.  Our new friends were quick to offer phone numbers, emails, travel advice, and time to catch drinks.  Not only did our tour give us a way to work off some of our fish and chips, and multitude of winery sampling, but we were also exposed to new workout environments and training regimens.  Sometimes switching up a routine can provide beneficial cues or insight to a movement or lift.

Hotcouple Auklans

Here is some of what we learned from our trip: 

  • WOD’s still make you suck air whether at altitude or sea level.
  • Good lifting form and technique travel well and are wrinkle free.
  • Park WOD's = always cool….beach, mountain, or city.
  • Animals = extra fun.
  • Sweat angels still look sweet halfway around the world.
  • 21-15-9 does not change to 9-15-21 down under.
  • Caution!! 170 Kilos is not the same as a 170 lbs. (Darn metric system!)
  • Xachary Pine's spirit follows you to push you no matter the distance (his picture was on the wall in Crossfit Auckland–really, see below)!

Zacinauckland WOD

For those of you who travel near or far, who’ve participated in other affiliate workouts, what tidbits have you noticed while navigating across mountains, oceans, rainforest, or even backyards?  We would love to know, please share and post to comments.


  1. Anna :

    Alan and I recently visited the black box in New York in August. We learned that no matter the locale the workout is always a challenge. Running through new york crowds on a busy sidewalk, with all the vendors and smells just adds to the experience. Running up 5 flights of stairs to get to the gym again makes it quite a challenge.
    I did learn to appreciate even more the experience and knowledge of all OUR trainers. We definetly have very knowledgeable, acoountable, energetic, trainers that not other gyms has. Our level of training we get at Verve is so much more. One should try a few out and compare, I am sure you would agree!

  2. Looks like an awesome trip! Congrats again you guys 🙂 I must say that I was perusing the pictures from last November and though you were beautiful then, you guys look truly fantastic! Thanks for being a great inspiration and showing just how rewarding hard work can be. Great post!
    I always tell people how awesome CrossFit people are. It’s one of the first things I mention about this whole weight loss thing. I couldn’t imagine a better group of people to do this with. Ya just can’t get this kind of thing at another gym. Period.

  3. Danimal :

    Such a cool trip guys! Its so cool you got to do that! How cool is the name Crossfit Aukland?! I also have to agree with Anna about the quality of our training. Our sense of group-ness is amazing too.
    In South America this last year, I was really amazed at the hospitality of Crossfit Peru. They made ‘special’ workouts just because we were coming and one of them made me “Aaaaauuuk”. Later one of the crossfitters drove us to the airport across the huge city of Lima.
    I’ve done a lot of backpacking and one of the coolest ideas I’ve heard is to find a travel purpose no matter how silly it seems. For example, learning Tango in Buenos Aires or taking surf lessons in Ecuador. I can’t imagine a cooler idea of bouncing around to different crossfits across an entire country in a little love van… So cool! Mas and Joylyn, you guys are inspiring in many ways.

  4. Amy Schaeffer :

    I don’t know what to say other than I am jealous, Mass and Joylyn!!!Glad you had an awesome time and I look forward to working out with you guys in the gym again!!!
    Last thanksgiving break (a year ago,WOW!) I was home in Ohio and had just started the month of strict Zone. Amazingly I was able to eat 100% Zone and managed to do travel WODs everyday as well as visit a CF just outside my hometown of Dayton. While the CF gym I went to was very different than Verve, I was welcomed with open arms and encouraged to attend the classes as much as I could. After I got over my initial anger that it was NOT like Verve, I realized that regardless of how the WODs were set up, I was still doing CF and still doing something positive for myself, my body, and most importantly, my health.
    Over Christmas last year I went to Mexico with my family and immediately upon arrival at the hotel, I challenged my brother, sister, and cousins to 150 burpees for time. They all thought I was crazy but they all completed it and were intrigued afterwards. Apparently, quite a few of the hotel guests were watching and I ended up holding two CF classes on the front lawn. One with two fairly fit guys my age and the other was with a husband and wife in their mid 50’s. Even my lanky father and my winded uncle participated in a dumb bell WOD. The best part for me was that I had inspired others to start exercising and to take control of their health just through my own excitement and endorsement of staying healthy and fit.
    I truly LOVE CF and feel very appreciative to Danimal for introducing it to me. Without his introduction, I would probably still be wasting time on the elliptical and throwing money away on Yoga and Pilates DVDs. And of course, I owe my life to the Chans!!! CF rocks

  5. OK, I have to share this. HAHA! Warning, the site itself is NSFW but the video is fine. CREEPY but fine. LOL!
    CrossFitters may video themselves but this dude takes it higher-and with implants. Thank GOD people aren’t this freaky in the CF world! They actually work for the look!

  6. Amanda K. :

    So awesome Mas & Joylyn!
    Did today’s wod in wash park with james. 28:38 with jumping p/u’s and girlie push ups. phew!

  7. Michael :

    Right on Joylynn & Mas!
    Having spent the better part of this year at sea level, I know first hand that CrossFit IS the equalizer without a doubt. I am lucky enough to be a member of two CF gymes; CrossFit Verve and CrossFit San Diego. Regardless of which CF you call home CrossFit has taught me how to challenge myself in many ways, whether it be time, reps, rounds, weight, will power, sleep, diet, perspective, diversity or whatevs. And I have made some friends along the way – people I respect and trust.

  8. Donna :

    Great post Joylynn and Mas and congrats on getting hitched.
    If anyone is interested, the Turkey Trot is on Thanksgiving morning at Wash Park. It’s a 4 mile run benefiting Mile High United Way. We are going with the baby jogger to earn our turkey and pie. I think Lynn from 6 am is going with her family too.

  9. Mas :

    Thanks for the responses guys! I have to say I think it is easy for all of us at Verve to go out into the world and spread our “cult” becuase of Matt and Cherie. They bring an energy to the gym that is contagious and welcoming. They take pride in their people. And from the sound of all of you they are doing a great job! Thanks Matt and Cherie. And thank you Joylyn, you are the best travel mate ever. Where should go next to find a box???

  10. bk :

    as rx’d 16:35

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