Friday 060614

For time:

20 Power cleans, 135# (95#)
20 Shoulder to overhead, 135# (95#)
10 Power cleans, 155# (105#)
10 Shoulder to overhead, 155# (105#)
5 Power cleans, 185# (125#)
5 Shoulder to overhead, 185# (125#)

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Flashback Friday: A classic Luke warm-up which included shuttle sprints and air guitar!

Flashback Friday: A classic Luke warm-up which included shuttle sprints and air guitar!

LIFTING STRAPS – When to use them and when to leave them in your bag.

What are lifting straps?  Lifting straps are nylon or leather straps that you place around your wrists then around the bar before you complete lifts or do accessory pulling work.  Straps help you concentrate your energy on your legs, your shoulders, and your back, not having to worry about your grip strength or the grip weakening throughout the sets.  Straps are also a great way to help avoid ripping when doing movements such as the Snatch Pull or the Clean Pull for several repetitions.  Lifting can be pretty tough on the hands and straps ease the load.


When to use straps?  Straps are a great addition to your workout accessory collection when working on pulling movements, such as the work we are doing for our Olympic cycle on Monday’s and Thursday’s.  They can also be helpful when warming up deadlifts or any other movements pulling from the ground or blocks.

When NOT to use them?  Do not use these when doing a complete Olympic lift.  They can interfere with the way you catch the bar and can cause injury, especially for the Clean.  Straps can also trick your brain into thinking you can receive more weight than your body can handle; just because you can pull it off the ground, doesn’t mean you can receive it in the front rack or overhead.  Don’t use the straps all of the time.  It is good to find a balance between using the straps to focus on pulling strength and not using the straps to work on grip strength.

Here is my recommendation:  Use straps on the pull work for the Cleans and Snatches that we have on Monday’s and Thursday’s or for some of the movements in Barbell Club.  DO NOT us them for the lifts we do from the hang on those same days; you should be using a hook grip for the hang position movements.  Ask a coach for more details or if you have any questions.

Rockies Game tomorrow!!  We will meet at the upstairs bar 1 hour before the game.  Don’t forget to print out your ticket if you bought it online.  Many of us are going to meet at Verve before and ride our bikes over to avoid paying for parking:)

COMPETITORS CLASS MEETING JUNE 18TH @7PM.  If you are interested in the direction / cycling for Competitors class, come to this meeting!

FREE INTRO CLASS THIS SATURDAY at 8AM.  Bring your friends that constantly have to listen to you talk about CrossFit.  Show them what it is all about.  There is a new cycle of Foundations starting Monday, June 9th.

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