Friday 091127

For time:

1 Mile run

Three rounds of:
5 Overhead squats (Body weight) 
10 Power cleans (Body weight)
15 Front squats (Body weight)

1 Mile run

Post time and loads to comments.

Thanksgiving day madness

Streetside "warm-up".

Earning a big cheat night during "deck of cards" or team fun.  


  1. Great day yesterday – the pictures seem to capture that. Hope everyone had a great turkey day. See ya soon.

  2. I had a fantastic time! Burpees and all! I love you people!

  3. Oh and sorry for the groping Amanda… hehe.

  4. robyn :

    What a fantastic way to earn such a delicious meal. Go Team Stuffed as Shit!

  5. Tessie Hurford :

    Thanks Matt, Cherie, and Zach for the excellent coaching and encouragement! Looking forward to seeing you at the cert this weekend and coming again to your gym when I return. You have a great bunch of people there! Take Care!

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