For time:

50 Double unders

10 Squat clean and jerks, 155# (105#)

40 Double unders

8 Squat clean and jerks, 155# (105#)

30 Double unders

6 Squat clean and jerks, 155# (105#)

20 Double unders

4 Squat clean and jerks, 155# (105#)

10 Double unders

2 Squat clean and jerks, 155# (105#)

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Keep those arms in!  Alan, doing his best to fix his double under issues.

Today's WOD is one that might induce tremors, butterflies, and fear. To the average Joe that visits our site for the first time, they might look at this workout and think "how the hell?"  Not to worry, there are only a handful of athletes at CFV that will be able to complete this WOD as Rx'd.  Substitutions are a part of the game.  For instance, if you find double unders totally impossible at the moment, the sub is 5-to-1 single unders.  If the 155# squat clean and jerks are near your 1RM, of course we'll move the weight down for you. 

Doing a WOD as Rx'd is a goal in itself for many people.  For months, new members spend much of the time getting a hang of the movements and amping up the intensity levels.  As they become more proficient with the skills involved with CrossFit workouts, they can shoot for doing the WOD as Rx'd.  Does this mean that the first few months are going to be easier?  Why don't you come find out for yourself…


  1. stef :

    wow… today looks rough!!! 105#?!?! Well, at least I feel like a bad ass, tearing 3 calluses. Go CrossFit. I’ve definitely crossed over to the dark side 😉 the cf ‘fam’ rocks

  2. DAMON5280 :

    That is a hilarious pic of Alan. We might have to try that down here.

  3. Alan :

    Hey Damon, Matt just kept yelling at me to keep my arms in while doing DU’s. I can’t seem to remember. This helped! LOL

  4. cherie :

    Kiley 9:32 (35#)
    Anthony 18:40
    Amy 22:01 (65#)
    Anna 15:34 (85#)
    Luke 16:58 (135#)
    Emmalee 20:52
    Erin 22:39 (100#)
    Matt 7:39
    Cherie 16:27
    Mas 18:28
    Joei 23:51 (65#, 5X1 singles)
    Lisa 18:53 (35#, 3X1 singles)
    Jen 21:52 (65#, 5X1 singles)
    Elements #1
    Tom 15:19 (15# wallball)

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