Five rounds for time of:

15 Hang power snatch 95# (65#)

40 Double unders

Post time to comments.

034_4  070_2

Congrats to Mike and Cheresa for completing the Elements course!  Now on to the fun stuff.

Last night we saw a number of big improvements, especially from the Anderson’s.  On October 10th, Alan scored 283 on "Tabata Something Else" and Anna scored 265.  Yesterday they scored 309 and 319 respectively.  What a difference a month of CrossFitting will make.  Measurable, observable, and repeatable results.  Results-based fitness in application right here in downtown Denver.  Keep up the great work everyone!


  1. Matt :

    I just want to give big props to our 8am class. You guys rock! This morning it was still snowing when they got there and they still went all out on the snatch workout. Keep it up!

  2. Cherie :

    Cass: Elements 2 WOD 10:09
    Jason:34:07 (hang power clean and jerks 65# and a broken jump rope)
    Cheresa 16:25 (15#)
    Kiley 18:05 (33#/15#)
    Alan: 30:56 (Also had a broken rope)
    Anna: 30:28
    Amy: 26:53 (15#)
    Jared: 22:05 (55#, rope broke)
    Cherie 19:53
    Thanks to “Double A” for staying, timing me on my WOD and keeping me motivated to finish today.
    Highlights: Three jump ropes broke, Alan snatched 95#,75 times and Jared had an epiphany with double unders, 22 in a row!
    Great efforts today!

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