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Matt Johnson ain't skerd – 55 inch box jump to prove it.

Without trunk flexion, you aren't working the abs…. right?

At first glance, the GHD sit-up appears to rely almost soley on the hip flexors to lift the torso from the back position (hyperextension) of the sit-up.  But rest assured, the abdominals are utilized for both midline stabilization and assisting the movement from hyperextension to flexion.  Don't believe me?  Ask an athlete who appears to have some experience if he/she has ever performed the "GHD slither". 

While the hip flexors (rectus femoris and iliopsoas) are doing the vast majority of the work raising the trunk, the abdominals exhibit the the worst of the delayed onset muscle soreness.  To avoid the slither, start by only lowering to a position parallel to the floor (horizontal).  With a partner there to spot you, perform 10 or so reps and see how your body reacts.  Increase the range of motion as you build capacity on the GHD, but always limit repetitions as you add ROM. 


  1. Jeff McDowell :

    Matt that is sick nasty, congrats!

  2. Lisa Ward :

    Good Morning! While out of town on business this week, I had the opportunity to hang out with the awesome athletes at Crossfit Minneapolis. As my colleagues arranged car pools to The Mall of America… I was running along the Mississippi,doing handstands, conquering “Jackie”, and meeting new friends. What a great community to be a part of!

  3. Elizabeth Huff :

    I say boooooo to running. This shall be a home WOD today. Have fun y’all!

  4. I say booooo to cherry pickers.

  5. Jack :

    I say yay to constant variable training!

  6. Victoria :

    I say booo boo to getting lost on the run! grrr….

  7. Catherine :

    Freak of nature! That’s awesome!

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