Front Squat 90% of 1RM 5X1

For time:

Five cycles of:
10 Weighted lunges, 65#/45#
10 Push presses, 65#/45#
10 Good mornings, 65#/45#

21 Burpees

Three cycles of:
10 Weighted lunges, 65#/45#
10 Push presses, 65#/45#
10 Good mornings, 65#/45#

15 Burpees

One cycle of:
10 Weighted lunges, 65#/45#
10 Push presses, 65#/45#
10 Good mornings, 65#/45#

9 Burpees

Weighted lunges are performed in a stationary position (i.e. not walking lunges) with the bar on the back with each step counting as a rep.  The push press from the back is counted if full extension is reached.

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5:30 class, Dan's PR on pull-ups 41 straight, way to go.

So why no sugar substitutes?  Take for instance the dilemma of the diet soda.  Most diet sodas are calorie and carb free, caffinated, sweet and totally delicious (this can be debated).  At first glance, this sounds Zone perfect and a great alternative to that nasty water-stuff

Let's start with a very basic principle of the Zone – hormone regulation.  One of the primary benefits of Zoning is the hormone regulation that results from eating a low-glycemic balanced meal.  By controlling your carbohydrate intake and monitoring the glycemic impact of your carb choices, you limit the amount of insulin released by your pancreas.  This maintains a neutral to favorable insulin sensitivity (as opposed to insulin resistance) and circumvents excess carb storage as fat.

Enter the sweetner.  Sweetners are just that – sweet.  When your tongue tastes something sweet entering the mouth, it talks to the brain (specifically the hypothalamus) and says "Hey, here comes energy!"  The brain then says to the pancreas "Yo, dump some insulin because here comes glucose!"  And there it is – a big insulin dump, but all for nothing.  The body is now very confused and unable to effectively regulate insulin and all because of artificial sweetners. 

Recommended reading from Robb Wolf: The Zone and Athletic Performance


  1. Sherry :

    Congratulations Dan! Way to Go!

  2. stef :

    With you further gained wisdom from your gymnastics cert (go you!) I must learn more kipping lessons 🙂 I feel like I’ve kinda lost my flow.
    Danimal – way to live up to your name 🙂

  3. I want my mommy after yesterday and today’s workout. Shoulders are trashed.
    Great job today Dan!

  4. I mean yesterday! See? I can’t even type.

  5. Cherie!
    Wuzzat about the fish oil for when we get hongray?

  6. leslie :
    Amazing and cheap strawberries and raspberries! Pick them yourself. All organic farm with lots of produce and flowers too. About 25 min drive from Verve. Go early. It is too much fun. Pig and chickens too!
    Have fun and eat up! I did 🙂

  7. Matt :

    I want to go to berry patch farms!
    WOD: 10:30 (65#)
    Love this workout! Myself and another guy on duty (Gaines) came up with this one in the basement of one of our stations that has very… I mean very limited equipment. Goes to show that it doesn’t take much to get a WOD in.

  8. Donna :

    Pigs, chickens, and berries. Those are three very popular things in this household. Parker and I are going to Berry Patch Farms tomorrow am! Thanks for the tip, Leslie.

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