For Time:
                       ☠        ☠       ☠       ☠
       Overhead Squats   Ball Slams   Ring Dips    WallBall Sit-ups

Round 1➟         10 ➟                 10 ➟          25 ➟             10              

            2             20                     10                20                 10              
            3             30                     10                15                 10              
            4             40                     10                10                 10              
            5             50                     10                05                 10                

Overhead Squats is done with the empty barbell 33 lbs ladies and 44 lbs gents
Ball slams are locked out overhead and slammed into a full squat
Ring Dips are locked out at the top and shoulder below the elbow at the bottom         
Wallball Sit-ups sit 5 feet away from the wall, with ball overhead touch the ground behind you throw ball against the wall and sit up, 4-15 lbs ball what ever fits your style

What ever you are not good at and you know what that is, FOCUS on it.  We all have weaknesses in every aspect in life but at CrossFit it is easy to recognize what they are.  If it is ring dips slowdown and recognize where in the ring dip your are the weakest.  CrossFit teaches us fundamentals to build on.  Everybody needs to be able to maintain their strength as we age, not only to keep our bones healthy, but to maintain a good quality of life.  The simple things we take for granted when we are young get hard as we age.  If you have to use your upper body to get your butt out of your chair or every time you get out of the car you have to grab those handles on the door (some might call them the oh shit handles) then you have not been squatting enough!  This CrossFit stuff is potent and valuable for quality of life, athletic ability, and has proven to change many of our lives.  The people you meet through CrossFit will always have something to talk about.  It might be yesterdays WOD, how hard it was to walk down the stairs because of yesterdays WOD, how totally rad your trainers are or how totally rad you have become.  We all started somewhere and through CrossFit we keep getting better so focus on those weaknesses to improve your own performance!!!

Wear good shoes and wash your hands!
And lastly, the results from the Paleo Challenge:

First of all, I'd like to commend each of the Paleo Challenge participants for digging deep and trying something different.  Not everyone finished, but everyone learned a little about their nutrition.  I'll tell you what I see when I watch this video, happy CrossFitters that are proud of themselves for making a positive change in their lives.  Aside from obvious body changes, look at these people's faces – their happier!  We didn't ask them to smile in the before or after pictures and we certainly didn't ask them to show off their new found muscles.  Bitchin'.

So here it is.  After getting top three selections from three judges, Paula and Jordan Gravatt from CrossFit By Overload, Pat Burke from MBS CrossFit, and John and Kelly Brown of CrossFit Agoge, we added up the scores.  First place selections recieved 5 points, second place selections recieved 4 points, so on and so on down to fifth place. 

1st place: Tiffany (18)
2nd place: Mas (14)
2nd place: Sean (14)

That's right, a tie for second place!  It couldn't have been any closer – everyone showed improvement.  Everything from muscle mass to shedding body fat to complexion improvement – everyone showed improvement.  It was terribly hard to choose a winner – and I'm glad I didn't have to.  Congratulations to all – keep up the good work.  To the top three finishers: your prizes await you!


  1. cherie :

    I am wearing good shoes and I’ve been washing my hands all night long!!!
    Congrats to all who were in the Paleo challenge. i watched the video many times this week and was glad that we passed on the judging. You all look amazing!

  2. Sean Toal :

    Sweet!! Excellent job everyone that participated – Great experience and learned a ton. I am also going to wear good shoes to bed & wash my hands frequently.
    Have a Great Weekend!

  3. Tiff :

    wow! incredible job to all!!! so exciting to see the differences in everyone!!!
    i will be buying some good shoes soon…saweet! in addition, i hand sanatize as often as possible. (yucky third grader germs) =)
    may i add….get massages. especially after high-trauma-to-the-body events (such as crossfit competitions!!!) =-) it does a body gooooooooood.

  4. Anna :

    Nice work everyone on the paleo challenge. I definetly learned a lot about nutrition, food and generally what makes me feel good with dieting. Happy to be incorporating zone back into the diet. Congrats to Tiff, Mas and Sean, you guys look awesome!!!

  5. Anna :

    All those who want to do the furry scurry tomorrow morning, Lets meet at parking lot #1. South High School, 17oo E. Louisiana St. If you go to google and search the furry scurry it brings you to the main denver dumb friends league web page. Click on the furry scurry and you can get the map, where to register, and info.
    I drive a black 4 runner with bama sticker in back window and firefighter plates. I will have my 2 danes with me. We can meet at 0815 in the lot. Call me or post if your want to meet, 303-562-4992

  6. Amy :

    Awesome job to everyone who completed the paleo challenge! Everyone looks great!
    Why shoes to bed?

  7. Joylyn :

    Some good looking peeps I tell you! Congratulations to everyone!
    Since I’m at work this weekend, who wants to borrow my little dynamic duo of dogs for the furry scurry tomorrow? Come on, I know you want to! They will make u keep a fast pace I promise!

  8. Holly :

    Anna, I am going to try to make the Furry Scurry tomorrow bright and early. Joylyn, if my dog didn’t try to eat everything that walked by, I would take yours too. haha.

  9. Jen :

    Congratulations to all of the winners (not only for looking good but for sticking to the diet which is more than some of us were able to do!). Now you need to come out tomorrow night to celebrate!!
    Bummed the video won’t play for me at work!
    If you need handwash…we have plenty at Children’s hospital that families have been “borrowing”. Shoes can make all the difference (thank you Zac for your wisdom).

  10. Mas :

    It wasn’t hard me to eat like a cave man. I’m already used to dragging my knuckles on the ground, and bringing Joylyn with me where ever I go by her hair. But serously, everybody had marked improvements on their photos. I know for us,we have changed our eating habits for the better and plan to stick with them.
    P.s. Melissa we are in for baseball

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