100 Pull-ups for time

Here is the catch.  Everytime you drop off of the bar you will need to do a predetermined amount of squats.

Beginner (max pull-ups before dropping equals 5) 10 squats

Intermediate (max pull-ups before dropping equals 10) 20 squats

Advanced (max pull-ups before dropping equals 20) 30 squats

Post time and squat reps to comments. 


Mark feeling the pain during this last Saturdays WOD.

All those attending the practice WOD at Front Range CrossFit this Saturday who want to carpool, meet at Verve Saturday morning at 8:15am

Due to this event Saturdays WOD's will be canceled.  We will open up a 1pm class on Saturday if anyone is interested in getting in there weekend WOD and can not make FRCF.

This Sunday the Snatch Clinic is going on a the Verve from 1pm -3pm, please RSVP.

The first annual EmerFit Games up in Fort Collins is being held on April 4th and 5th.  They intend for this to be a prep event for Regionals at Front Range in May.

They will do 3 WODs over the course of two days in a format similar to last year's CrossFit Games.  Registration is $45.00 which includes a t-shirt and lunch on Sunday.  Workouts will be Saturday at 10:00 A.M., Saturday at 3:00 P.M., and Sunday at 10:00 A.M.  You are welcome to participate in 1, 2 or all 3 workouts.  Only those who participate in all 3 WODs are eligible for awards and prizes.  The price does not change regardless of the number of workouts you'd like to participate in.

For now they are limiting the number of participants to 50 but if they sell out they may be able to add a few more spots.  Registration for this event will close on March 25th.  More details about the event and online registration is available here.

For those who are trainers, they are looking for volunteers to be judges at the event.  If you are not interested in competing but would like to judge please contact

Emergent Fitness (aka CrossFit Fort Collins)


  1. Jeff :

    20:45 at beginner level with 19 sets of squats and NO AB!!!

  2. Matt :

    T-shirt idea:
    No more questions, here’s the answer…
    CrossFit Verve!!!

  3. Joylyn :

    I think my time was 31something or 37something, I don’t remember. Intermediate, with almost 400 squats = BRUTAL! I shot myself in the foot mentally from the beginning, by not having a good attitude. I should have read this article from the affiliate blog about mental fatigue:
    “So, a recent study found that mental fatigue can have an effect on your physical performance. Let’s forget for a moment that the study kind of sucked (16 people?! Talk about a sample-size!) and hold back the ‘no-shit’ that should be coming out of your mouth, as anyone who has done any sort of training in anything will tell you that coming into the game ‘less than motivated’ will lead to a sub-par performance.
    Let’s just think about this for a moment in terms of the things that you do to create mental fatigue before and during your workout in an attempt to minimize these less desirable in the future.
    Do you audibly groan when the movements of the workout are announced?
    Is the phrase ‘man I hate _______’ uttered from your lips?
    Does the weight of the rest of your day cloud the moment?
    Can you scrunch your face any harder when working out?
    Do you allow the rep scheme or load of a workout to dominate your soul?
    All of the above have the potential to create un-necessary mental fatigue. Stop it!” From San Francisco Crossfit

  4. Joylyn :


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