Friday 100108

50 – 30 – 10 reps for time of:

Jumping pull-ups

Thrusters, 45#/33#

Jumping lunges

Post time to comments.


Casey – more flexible and more powerful… and snatchin' heavy. 


Hopefully you're somewhat familiar with this medical condition.  Dr. Michael Ray of CrossFit Flagstaff, AZ states "Rhabdomyolysis is a medical condition that may arise when muscle tissue breaks down and muscle cells are released into the bloodstream."  The destruction of these cells cause a release of breakdown products, one of which is myoglobin – a  protein molecule that is harmful to the kidneys and can cause acute renal failure and even death.

There are two key points that we'd like for you to understand: what causes rhabdo and what the symptoms of rhabdo are.  First, if you understand the causes of this condition, you can avoid having it. Rhabdo is physically caused by crushing injuries, obstruction of blood supply to muscles, electrical injuries, and yes… exercise.  Typically, cases of rhabdo that are related to exercise are attributed to infrequent exposure to high intensity output coupled with poor hydration.  In other words, an athlete coming from a globo-gym with a moderate level of fitness that has their first exposure to CrossFit. 

So how do you recognize rhabdo?  There are a couple of tell-tale symptoms to be aware of when self-diagnosing possible rhabdomyolysis.  Dr. Michael Ray describes symptoms as "generalized muscle pain, nausea and vomitting, abdominal cramping, and in significant cases, dark red Coca Cola urine."  That last bit is an instant ticket to the ER – don't mess around – GO!  Though, we've all felt many of these symptoms and toughed it out, the extreme cases are the one's that result in renal failure and can be fatal.

Read more in the recent CFJ article: "The Truth About Rhabdo" by Dr. Michael Ray


  1. Favero :

    Sweet video on the CF Journal guys! Keep up the great work.

  2. Jeff "CueBall" :

    Casey – lookin strong!
    Chans – Sweet video! It was cool to see you on the main page and show the athletes here the box back home. I’m not so much homesick but I’m mosdef VerveSick now… 3 months and counting down….

  3. Damon5280 :

    Congrats Matt and Cherie on the main site video! A little face time for the Verve box. To my two favorite Bama fans, enjoy it now, because there will be NO repeating next year. I can’t believe I’m gonna say this, Roll Tide!

  4. Ro :

    Merrie (that would be your celebrity couple name… that or Chat?) Great interview in the journal today. You guys are amazing, really looking forward to seeing you both next weekend!

  5. bk :

    bk with c2b pull ups-17:38

  6. Alan :

    Damon….It is so good to hear you say those words!!!
    It feels so good doesn’t it!

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