Friday 100122

Test for max reps of pull-ups

Rest 5 minutes

Then, 7 rounds for time of:

Unbroken pull-ups, 30% of max reps

Unbroken wall ball shots, 15 reps

Ground rules: don't sandbag your max reps of pull-ups!!!  Testing your max reps of pull-ups is a huge benchmark, whether it's with a band or butterfly.  If you break your round of either movement, you must start that round over from zero.  If the ball drops, doesn't pass the 10' line, or you pause – you must start over.

Post reps and time to comments.


Craig – calm, cool, and collected while swingin' bells

We are hosting a nutrition workshop next Saturday the 30th at 1:30pm.  Nutrition is a huge part of becoming fit and healthy.  Without paying attention to what's fueling your machine, you will not reap the full benefits of the CrossFit program – period!  So come join us while we talk about; the Paleolithic diet, the Zone Diet, insulin resistance, auto immune disease, syndrome X, meal planning, how to eat out, optimizing your performance and health, and much much more. 

The nutrition workshop is free!  Come one come all, because the more the merrier.  If it's been a while since you've done a nutrition, feel free to come again, as we're always adding and improving our lectures.

Want to get started before Saturday?  Log your food for three days prior to the workshop, eat lean meats, nuts and seeds, vegetables, some fruit, little starch, no sugar, and experiment with how that makes you feel.  See you on the 30th!!!   


  1. Catherine :

    OMG Hopefully, my Gwen hands can actually hold the bar!

  2. stef :

    oddly, now you’re making me want to do Gwen.

  3. Joe :

    Hi guys, I just started the Foundations class this month and am really enjoying the workouts. Thanks to Matt, Cherie, Mas, Joylyn, Anna and Lucas for teaching us the basics and keeping us motivated…
    That being said, I’m taking my roller derby team to Red Rocks for a stair workout sometime in the next few weeks and wanted some advice on a good stair workout that also includes some upper body and core work.
    Any advice/tips/workout ideas? Thanks guys.

  4. Jack :

    Joe, I would like to preface this statement by stating that I spend my days working for an accounting firm and, obviously, being a generally interesting person.
    That aside, I assume you are looking for a workout that works your quads pretty hard, is cardo intensive, and doesn’t forget your upper body… I think your programming at CFV fits that description. (If you really want to do more, maybe give Matt and Cherie’s travel WODs a try). Maybe thats not the answer you are looking for, but thats my suggestion. I used to go to the gym for 2 hrs and run about 8 miles a day and I feel stronger in all aspects than I ever did before.
    Anyhoo, thats what I say.

  5. Sara :
    This video makes me wonder what the Verve Rowers do when no one’s at the Gym. I bet they do Pull-Up Ladders and Muscle-Up….maybe Wheels to Bar?

  6. Matt :

    burpees and stairs sound like a pretty dynamite combo. Maybe a ladder of sorts? If there are 5 landings, assign a number of burpees to each landing 5-10-15-20-25 and run up and down shuttle sprint style.
    Make sense?

  7. Joe :

    Jack and Matt, thanks for the tips; I’ll bring a notebook and talk to you guys more next Monday if you’re around… Any advice is great–I’ll just have to convince the rollergirls not to kick my ass after I make them (and me!) do all of these stairs and burpees.

  8. Joe,
    They’ll want to kill you until they realize that they’ve just become f*cking elite by doing CrossFit type stuff. Then they’ll want to kiss you. 🙂

  9. Matt :

    Huge # of pr’s on pull-ups today… I do believe I witnessed Dan get 57 and Courtney get 32! So solid.
    Great workout too

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