Friday 100226

Five rounds for time:

15 Hang power snatches 65# (45#)

30 Double unders

Rest exactly five minutes then

Five rounds of,

15 Hang power snatches 65# (45#)

30 Double unders

Post time to comments.

Josh flying high, not sure which is cooler the jump or the attentive spotters. 

We are fixated on food.  What can I say it's 30 days of Paleo.  How are we all holding up?  Today is the day to turn in your logs.  This can be done via e-mail or brought to the gym, but must be done by Sunday.  If you bring it to the gym have a coach check it for "paleoness"and take it back with you for more journaling. Congrats!


Here is a sample log of mine, kinda boring I know.  I block out my meals, that's the numbers and I totaled the day at 9, 2 blocks shy of my goal for the day.  The "Turkey Stuff"  is a recipe similar to the one below with protein and a ton of veggies in it. FS means how many fish oil I took and the pill, I'm taking one for my torn disc for a few days.   I had a ton more water but only logged the minimum, as water is a serious issue for me.

A few more tips:

Are you eating at least every five hours, or five times a day?  I'm not talking five big meals, but five meals and two snacks.  Think of it as tending to the fire, don't let the fire that is your metabolism burn out.  This is super important, especially if you are the hungry, binging type, like me.  Today I got busy and at about the six hour mark, I found myself thinking only of food.  The neighbors kid looked tasty.  I ran to the kitchen and made a batch of "Chicken Soup the Way your Trainer Makes it".  It helps to have quick go-to recipes when you need them and eat every five hours.

If you are the hungry type try taking your fish oil when you know it's your hungry time.  For me that is at night.  Though we don't "count" fish oil as food in our diets it is a fat and will make you more satisfied from your meals.  If you can remember to, try splitting up your dose and take some with all three major meals.

Soda and candy are ADDICTIONS.  It suck to ween off of of them, but you must in order to take care of your health.  If you are a soda drinker, Matt suggests replacing it with coffee, he was a diet coke addict and may know better then I.  I suggest making small achievable goals.  Cut down by a soda or candy bar a week if that's what it takes to make you successful.  If you have a goal to go off cold turkey and fail everyday, that is doing you more harm then good.  Make your goals achievable, be truthful to yourself, and celebrate your successes.  You will be a new person!

The only way I'm able to stay on track is easy recipes that make multiple meals.  I enjoy cooking, however I do not enjoy cooking when it is an everyday chore.  So here is one of my old stand-bys.

-Chicken Soup the Way My Trainer Makes it



30 oz Chicken breast (about 6 breasts), 30P
16 oz Spinach, frozen 1C
9 cups Broccoli, frozen 5C  
2 Peppers, bell variety 2C
1.3 cups Onion chopped, 1C
4 cups Chicken stock, no salt
3 cups Marinara (I use Classico because there is no added sugar) 6C


Put all veggies in a pot and cook on medium.  Add chicken to a pan or grill.  Stir veggies until tender, add stock and marinara. Continue to cook on low.  When Chicken is done, chop and add to the pot.  DONE! All this can be made with frozen veggie to make it super easy and quick.

Zone Exchange:

0.5 cup is equal to 1P and 0.5C. For instance to make a complete 4 block meal have 2 cups (4P and 2C), and orange (2C) and 12 almonds (4F).  Or add olive oil or olives to the soup if you are sick of almonds.  This will make 10, 3 block meals.


  1. Andy :

    I think a hacker broke into the website overnight and doubled the workout that was originally posted. Sinister to say the least.

  2. Matt :

    Cherie was the hacker. She did it while I ate “Chicken Soup the Way My Trainer Makes it”

  3. greg b. :

    Great work out today. James thanx big time for the push at the end. I don’t know if I am going to be able to walk this weekend but it was totally worth it! I am the master of my caveman meals!

  4. Amanda K. :

    First Rx’d WOD. Woot!

  5. Fantastic workout! I love that feeling of pre-paleo challenge food indiscretions of the weekend have pretty much been nullified.
    Btw, Splenda is evil. I’ve decided.

  6. leslie :

    Banff Film Festival coming to Denver and Boulder this week. Great Outdoor Indie Short Films (5 mins-50 mins each). Check it out. It sells out, so get your tix now.

  7. James :

    It’s been so long since I’ve eaten tasty food that that recipe is actually looking good. . . .

  8. Matt :

    What looks good to you James?

  9. James :

    OK, who the hell has a pot big enough to cook all that?

  10. Patty White :

    Great recipe!!! Tks for sharing 🙂

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