Friday 100319

5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 minute intervals of:

3 Dumbell squat clean & press, 40#/25#

6 Toes-to-bar

9 Burpees

Inspired by Burpees for Blakely, by CrossFit Roots.  Rest 1:00 between intervals.

Post rounds completed for each interval to comments.

073 004 007
Matt aka MJ, started Verve 6.2009, Luke 12.2008, Ware 8.2009.

002 007
Mas started in 11.2008, Jimmy 8.2009.  

053 021
Gerson started with Verve in 1.2009, Doug 12.2008.

002 031 009 
Dan aka DanY started in 11.2008, Andy 10.2009, Josh 1.2009.  

A big congratulations goes out to the 10 male athletes who will be representing Verve this weekend at the Mountain Sectionals.  I have chills as I type this I'm so proud. 

Competition can sometimes bring out the demons in our minds.  I challenge all of you men and women to fight any negative or doubting thoughts this weekend.  Stay focused, it is easy to get wrapped up in the competition.  The difference between a gold metal and last place can be as simple as focus.  What can make a good athlete a great athlete is knowing what to focus on.  Be mindful to push out any negative or doubting thoughts that creep in this weekend.  Replace those thoughts with an immediate image of you succeeding.  Do not underestimate the power of your thoughts, take control of them and use them as a tool in your own personal victory.  Focus on YOUR game and what you know YOU can do.  Choose your thoughts.  Have fun, laugh, smile and remember to stay cool ice cold, because you are a part of team Verve.  


  1. Get it boys!

  2. Matt :

    Big ups boys!!!

  3. Justin :

    Studs…the lot of you! Go out there with your positive mindsets, projecting the confidence we see everyday and then follow through with demolishing the WODs just like you do in the Verve box. See what you want to happen in your mind’s eye, then take action.

  4. HP :

    Yeh Boyz go out there and get em, you all are great athletes, let those strengths shine, stay + and have fun…… Push those negativities far far away, well said Cherie/Matt : )

  5. Cherie :

    Yeah Boys, You all are going to be amazing! – Cherie

  6. Tiffany :


  7. beck :


  8. Luke :

    This is gonna be great fun. Honored to represent with nine other men, and eight women. Great post too.

  9. robyn :

    Can’t wait until tomorrow, you guys are going to rock it:) You are all awesome and I can’t wait to compete/cheer you on!

  10. Kim :

    WOOOOO HOOOOOOOO – go get um just like you do all the time. Congrats to all of you and to Matt & Cherie for raising such a great team – Verve is gonna kick a$$. Let it snow………..

  11. Mas :

    Ohh yeah!! Get some Haka in your blood!

  12. Cherie :

    We need a haka!

  13. Matt :

    Anyone want to help load the trailer? Be at Verve at 11:15am today… oooooooor I know what the noon class is doing for a warm-up. 🙂

  14. Greg B. :

    All I know is even watching the Haka I was scared and psyched out before the game even began! Go big Verve men and let the other people worry about fear!

  15. Go V Men!!!!! You’ll kill it! Can’t wait to cheer ya on!

  16. gerson :

    Don’t know bout the Haka but i’ll tell you what gets me going…

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