Friday 100409

For max load:

Jerk 5 x 3 reps

Snatch push press from the back 4 x 3 reps @ 75% of 1RM snatch 

Snatch balance 4 x 3 reps @ 75% 1RM snatch

Post loads to comments.

Mike Ware, toughing it out in the am ice rink heats.

CFV Mountain Sectional Athlete Profile: Mike Ware

Mike is new to CrossFit and has been with Verve now for 8 months.  This was his first CrossFit competition and we suspect not his last.  Mike came to Verve super strong and keeps getting stronger every day.  With his dedication and determination, we can't imagine what his work capacity will be like next year.

WOD results: 

Row/Swing/Run 14:21 Rx 64th place
Snatch/Muscle-up 165#, 0 MU (We'll get that damn MU, MIke), 112th place
Squat clean/pull-up/box jumps 2.41 rounds Rx 120th place

MIke landed 106th place overall with a total of 296 points.

Congratulations Mike!


  1. gerson :

    mikey, thats my boi right therrr!

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  5. Way to go Ware!!!!!! You kill it EVERY TIME and still have a smile. You rock! Always great to workout with ya! 🙂
    On another note, CrossFit Slayer did this WOD (posted on Facebook): 10 rounds – 100m run, 10 burpees FOR TIME!

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