Friday 100416

Run 1600m

Rest 3:00 minutes

Run 1200m

Rest 2:00 minutes

Run 800m

Rest 1:00 minute

Run 400m

Post times to comments.

Doug Michaels CF Verve amazing sectional athlete.

CFV Mountain Sectional Athlete Profile: Doug Michaels

Doug has been doing CrossFit with Verve for over a year now.  This was Doug's first competition and did an awesome job with all WOD's completed as rx'd!

WOD results: 

Row/Swing/Run 16:33 Rx 112th place
Snatch/Muscle-up 135#, 2 MU, 124th place
Squat clean/pull-up/box jumps 3.11 rounds Rx 109th place

Doug landed 119th place overall with a total of 345 points.  We are super proud Doug and LOVE having your smiling face and infectious positive attitude on the Verve team.

Congratulations Doug!


  1. Greg B. :

    Damnitt! I hate running! see you at noon.

  2. Jack :

    Doug is so hot right now.

  3. Andy :

    Yeah Doug!

  4. gerson :

    Doug.. wing man while rafting!

  5. Emmalee Moore :

    Nice Job Doug!!!!
    I did the main site wod yesterday for AMRAP in 30 mins: 5 dead lifts (185), 13 push ups, 9 box jumps (20 inches). 19 rounds + 5 dead lifts, + 13 push ups, 3 box jumps.

  6. bk :

    bk 1600 in 6:50, 1200 in 5:25, 800 in 3:45, 400 in 1:39

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