Friday 100423

Seven rounds for time:

10 Sumo deadlift high pulls, 95#/65#

10 Ring dips

Compare to: February 15th, 2009

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Tiff, during the skills sesh of the affiliate cup tryouts.

Sumo what?  It's more than just a funny name and seemingly non-functional movement… it's a gateway into the clean and the snatch.  Think about it, you're two movements away from completing either (pull under and stand).  So let's brush up our sumo deadlift high pull skills a bit.

Set-up:The set-up for the sumo deadlift high pull starts with the feet.  We like to think of taking our squat stance (shoulder width) out one to two inches on each side.  Engage the posterior chain of muscles by pushing the hips back and getting your weight settled into your heels.  Reach down and grab the bar in a narrow grip position.  How narrow?  Well, narrow enough that you have enough clearance for the elbows inside your knees, but not so narrow that you lose control of the barbell.  Set your lumbar curve in a neutral position and activate the erectors to hold your spine in that position.  Lastly, position your shoulders directly over or slightly in front of the bar with straight arms.  Good?

Execution:From the set-up position, deadlift the bar off the ground building velocity as you reach hip extension.  As your hip fully extends, quickly shrug your shoulders up into your ears.  Follow through with your arms, raising your elbows high above the bar, which should reach the height of your chin.  Don't delay, set the bar down – but do it right by reversing the movement.  Extend your arms by dropping the bar down the your waist, push your hips back and as the bar passes the knees return to the set-up position.  Voila!


  1. Dan :

    2 things!: first I’m going to murder this workout after work tomorrow! I have a strategy planned already 🙂 Second, Tiff you’re looking fit! Great work!

  2. Greg B. :

    After the big hit with “The Shirt” I think I may have to do this work out in the traditional Sumo gear…..

  3. Amanda K. :

    Tiff! You are a superstar!

  4. Cherie :

    Momma Chelsea looks beautiful!

  5. Badass Tiff!
    I’ve not seen Chelsea for months! Good to see her in a pic at least :). Looking great!

  6. Holly :

    I miss you guys! After 15, yes I said 15…. 400m sprints on my first PT on monday morning, I miss you guys even more!

  7. bk :

    bk as rx’d and finally no assisted dips 10:01

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