Friday 100430

As a team of four complete the following work for time:

50 Muscle-ups

200 Overhead squats, 95#, 65#

3000 Meter row

Each team must accomplish the above number of reps and distance as fast as possible.  Each team can do the exercises in any order and in any rep scheme.  You will have one set of rings, one 95 lb men’s bar, one 65 lb women’s bar and one rower.  All three movements may occur simultaneously, but only one barbell can be in use at any one time.  Each team can decide to divide up the work in whatever fashion they choose.  Muscle -ups must be from a lock out. 

Mas stabilizing inverted, YEA!

We are super excited that we will be cheering on thirteen athletes this weekend at the CrossFit Games Regionals.  If you are planning to come and cheer, here is the heat assignments.  The event will be at the Douglas County Fair Grounds.  Check out more details here. (click the right side for details)

Friday is all affiliate team WOD's, Verve goes off on the run at 9:40am, the snatch at 1pm and the triplet at 4:30pm.

Saturdays Heats women lift and the men run:

8am: Sara Weisbart, Anna Anderson and Courtney Shephard  
8:17am Dan Young
8:30am Emmalee Moore
8:31am Matt Johnson
8:48am Pat Sherwood
8:53am Matt Chan

Men lift and women run:

10:00am Dan Young
10:05am Anna Anderson
10:09am Courtney Shepard
10:15am Sara Weisbart
10:29am Emmalee Moore
10:30am Matt Chan, Matt Johnson and Pat Sherwood

The Triplet:

1:00pm Anna Anderson
1:20pm Courtney Shepard and Sara Weisbart
2:00pm Emmalee Moore
3:20pm Daniel Young
3:40pm Matt Johnson
4:20pm Pat Sherwood and Matt Chan

It's going to be a GREAT weekend!

*We will be closed for Friday night classes and Sunday for the competition.


  1. Go kick some ass my friends!!!! Wish I could come and cheer ya on. Maybe someone can be an obnoxious stand in for me?
    First thing is to HAVE FUN and then KILL IT!!

  2. Erin :

    Good luck everyone!!! Kick some booty, represent and most importantly HAVE FUN!!!! Very proud of our Verve peeps.

  3. Beck :

    You are all amazing athletes!!

  4. robyn :

    anyone want to carpool tomorrow morning, call me 970-412-4307. Let’s go Team/Individual Verve peeps!!!

  5. Ware :

    I am sooo proud to be a part of the Verve Community. If you had an opportunity to see the Verve Team compete today you would have been really really proud. You all are the BOMB! The final Triplet was awesome to watch. The heart and desire to win was amazing to watch. Everyone did great! Joylyn hammering out the OHS, Mas taking on the row and Gerson and Cherie conquiring the MUs. I have to say Cherie you are a great leader! The no quit attitude you showed during the muscle ups was inspiring. I LOVE THE VERVE!! Thank you!

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