Friday 100514

For total load:

Front squat 1 – 10 – 1 - 20 – 1 – 30 reps

Post total load (all six) to comments.

Sunday is Funday antics

It's just not good enough…

Good enough for who? For what?  As trainers, we see this everyday.  Especially on days like today or Tuesday.  You come into the gym with all these expectations: "I will PR on my front squat today, I will PR on Fran, clean & jerk, today muscle-ups will be easier then they were yesterday, or today I'll get my first."

Don't get me wrong this is a healthy attitude to continue to challenge yourself and come in with a positive attitude.  However, sometimes what starts as healthy can turn into frustration or disappointment.  Let's face it, we won't PR every time we perform a lift and muscle -ups will not magically get easier (not without a lot of time and work). I know this better then anyone, with my CrossFit career going on four years, I've seen hugh gains and hugh set-backs.  There are a few valuable things I've learned during this process.

#1 I am strong, and that's by my own measure!  I can't beat myself up about not clean & jerking 165# yet, cuz dammit I can clean & jerk 150#.  By nature, that make me a success, not a failure.  I am strong and will keep getting stronger.

#2 Beating myself up over workouts or movements gets old.  I've learned that a negative attitude produces negative results.  Though we all struggle with this from time to time, it is not a place to live.  It makes you no fun to be around and unhappy and it does not make you lift heavier.

#3 Measure myself against myself, for that is what I can control.  Because of our competitive nature this is a tough one, but don't expect to be better then X, expect to be better then yourself.  And when you have those days or even a few months where you're not, give yourself a break!  By any measure you are strong and fit and capable and healthy and will continue to be.


  1. luke :

    Great post today. Too often I compare myself to others. Great WOD, as well. Can’t wait to get it done.

  2. Greg B. :

    WE can’t all be Matt Chan. We can be the best we can be and work hard to make sure of that. Thanx for reminding me that we are not perfect and can not compare ourself to anyone but ourself.

  3. Tiffany :

    SUCH a great reminder!

  4. Joylyn :

    Well stated post today!
    Lately, I’ve had some great PR’s….along with some epic failures 🙂
    It’s easy to remember only the highs and lows of this fitness/health roller coaster, but I try and remind myself it’s the journey that’s important, because hopefully that means that our quality of LIFE is FULL for a LONG time!
    Last week, beating myself up on a wod, I had to look back a year ago and remember that I couldn’t even finish it last year–thanks Cherie, for always celebrating us.

  5. derek :

    This post seems to sit really well with me, As far as in the gym goes my march and April were great seemed like I was getting a PR every week on something, but this month has been a real struggle for me so far and it gets frustrating for sure. But in looking from this may to LAST May…Well I couldn’t be happier! Always a good reminder to look at how far you have come and not alway be so concerned with what you haven’t done (yet). Hard work and giving it your best day in and day out no matter how it ends up truly is it’s own reward

  6. Jack :

    I think 1 out of 7 workouts I walk away satisfied. My frusteration generally doesnt come from the workout itself or my performance, but my lack of commitment outside of a WOD. How good could I be if I devoted myself to something? Do I really want to know the answer to that question? Am I really in the position to devote myself to Crossfit? I don’t know, but I am getting more comfortable feeling uncomfortable.

  7. Matt :

    Great comment Jack. To play devil’s advocate, CrossFit is all about increasing work capacity across broad time and modal domains for years. By taking it slow and developing yourself, I feel like you may last longer (possibly life) than someone who changes their life too dramatically too fast and burns out.
    Keep up the good work. 1 of 7 isn’t too bad in my eyes. At the very least, you know what it takes to increase that ratio.

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