Friday 100521

On the minute, complete 5 power clean & jerks (135#/85#) continuing for as long as you are able.

A penalty will be assigned to any athlete that does not complete 6 full minutes.  The penalty will be a :30 second plank hold on the minute until the last athlete has finished the WOD.

Post minutes completed to comments. 

Medicine ball fun; Joei, Sara Lew, Luke, Cherie, Slaughter, and Stef

Okay! So now can we say that summer is coming?  We would love to plan a few Verve outings.  Last summer we went rafting and what a freaking BLAST!  What does everyone want to do this year?  Post to comments.

If you are CrossFit Level 1 certified, did you know that in order to keep your certification, you need to complete a written test?  The tests dates can be found on  Sign up for one soon as they sell out FAST.  Also contact Cherie or Matt if you would like help getting prepared before the big day.


  1. Just my input and I don’t want to “restrict” anyone but it’d be great if one or several outings weren’t a huge expense so those who have less in the wallet can participate. Just a suggestion. 🙂

  2. Matt :

    Donna, you made me wet myself – so I’m reposting:
    Need dinner ideas? Keep refreshing the page for more options.

  3. Mike McKenna :

    I was thinking maybe something simple to start like a Rockies day game in the left field bleachers

  4. Word Mike! Rockpile tixs are as low as $4 (keeping with Cat’s request) so that would be awesome fun… I’m game for hiking/camping/rafting trips too…I’m such a sucker for the summertime, can’t wait to see what gets planned!

  5. Cherie :

    Donna – Thanks for always keeping me laughing! – CC

  6. stef :

    Mike, love it! I haven’t been to a Rockies game yet… must do this 🙂 and I agree with Tanja on the above as well. lol.
    BBQ’s too!

  7. Slaughter :

    I like the sound of summer events, just moved back here and don’t know too many people so count me in!
    Rockies Game Sounds Good
    Camping (plausibly with portable beer pong table)
    White Water Fun Stuff
    Skydiving (although expensive)
    Community Outreach Stuff!!

  8. Donna :

    We can host a backyard potluck BBQ.

  9. Joylyn :

    Lovin’ the summertime weather….if only not at work. Donna, that link cracks me UP!
    Rockies game rockpile tix sound great, some more hikes/camping this summer would be awesome (Long’s Peak was grand), standing weekly dates at Water World too…..
    Speaking of fun, I was thinking this Sunday evening might be fun to hit up some trampoline dodgeball, any takers? Or if the weather is nice still, maybe a late afternoon, early evening park play time with the frisbees? Let’s discuss.
    ps. Shout out to Zac, who is in the CF mainsite video today “from the vault.”

  10. stef :

    I want to jump around, jump around… jump up, jump up and get down… (anyone just hear that song?) er, perhaps I’ll… watch the jumping. Fun… ish.
    I fo’ sho want to lay out this weekend… :::sigh:::

  11. Who is up for a hike?
    I will be doing lots of camping on Saturday nights and hiking on Sunday mornings. This year, I want to do Longs again, along with many others. Let me know if you are interested.
    Mounting Biking too!
    Also down for kung-fu trampoline dodgeball anytime!

  12. Alan :

    Our own Z-Pine is in an old classic video on the main site today!!! Woot Woot What A Stud!

  13. tiff :

    speaking of F.U.N., come to some improv comedy 730 monday at the bovine. $7. it was hilarious last week!

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