Friday 100528

"CrossFit Total"

For max load:

Back squat

Shoulder press


For rules and more information about the CrossFit Total, read Mark Rippetoe's CrossFit Journal article from December 2006.  It can be downloaded here.

Compare to: 100403

Post total to comments. 

For those of you who were not there to witness the Verve women, here is a short snipet of how amazing they are 

Fearing the deadlift or back squat?  Who out there has had some apprehension about either the deadlift or the back squat?  Maybe you had an injury in the past or a lift that didn't go quite right?  We are here to tell you that your fear exactly describes your need.  I know, not what you wanted to hear.  However that apprehension can be over come and your "back" can get stronger and thereby less injury prone for your future.  Ever hear of someone budging a disc while bending over?  This is not uncommon and exactly describes the need for the musculature around the back (your core) to get stronger so that it can do it's job, stabilize those little vertebral joints.

Overcoming the fear:

Step 1, Be sure you have (or create) a kinesthetic awareness of flexion and extension of the spinal joints.  This can be aided by using the reverse hyper, GHD and of course your trainers eyes and words. 

Step 2, ENGAGE your core when lifting and use that awareness to know when you are employing safe lifting techniques, once you are not abort and abort now.  Lift at max loads only with correct mechanics.  Push threw your heels and FEEL your hamstrings pull or move the weight.

Step 3, Strengthen your core (hammies, glutes, erectors and abdominals) like it is your full time job.  Every movement, every lift, every workout, everyday!  You will be amazed at how this will change your life and your lifting.  Be aware and engage!  Think you have a strong core?  I challenge you to a month of focusing on engaging it in all movement.  Even just a few days will expose weaknesses you didn't know you had.  I'm not kidding it WILL change your life.

Step 4, Take appropriate leaps in your lifting.  Max deadlift was 215 a month ago, don't try 300 today!  Know when to stop.

Step 5, Take appropriate leaps in your lifting.  Max deadlift was 215, get 220 today!

There are no other more basic, nature, fundamental movements then the deadlift and the squat.  You need a capacity in these lifts to remain health and independent.  If you can not deadlift, you can not lift anything off the floor.  Nature has a habit of putting things on the ground that we need to pick up.  If you can't squat, you will need help getting off the toilet and off the couch.    


  1. Dan Y :

    very cool video

  2. Jeff "CueBall" :

    This is one of my favs! Big fan of lifting but it’ll be interesting to see how my incredibly sore and tight legs will do. Chasing Cherie in Wed WOD equals stronger but destroyed muscles!

  3. Nice video! Any from Sectionals?
    Does the CF Total not count as an attempt at a PR during this new program of 3 on, 2 on?
    Is “max load” different from PR attempts?

  4. Cherie :

    Jeff – we were chasing eachother 🙂 Thanks for the push.
    Cat – We were a little crazy at sectionals and did not take any video. However there are 6 phot albums posted and I think over 2000 photos in all.
    That one big reason why we did the Total (get some max numers) Max load and PR attempt are the same thing. If it is your max load that is the most you can lift, if it is a PR attempt you are at max loads.
    Cheers – CC

  5. Cherie :

    Thanks Jen Beck for sending me this today
    “A Technology brekthrough in strength training”.

  6. Noah :

    Wow…that made me laugh and feel really uncomfortable at the same time. I’m getting one for each hand.

  7. beck :

    Lesson learned: don’t stay up past your bedtime and aimlessly channel surf the infomercials…….yikes!

  8. Matt :

    Congrats to all the AM’ers on PR’s. Any day you PR in even one lift is a good day in the gym.
    7:30 class tonight will be the CrossFit Total – no special strength WOD.
    Have fun!

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