Friday 100611

Shoulder press 3 – 3 – 3+ @ 70%, 80%, 90%

Followed by three rounds for time of:

50 Double unders

21 Ring dips

12 Skin-the-cats

For percentages, see Monday 100531.

Post time to comments.

Ed of our amazing 6am'ers battling with "Arnie". 

Random thoughts that we'd like you to share.  What music do you like to workout to?  Did you know you can bring it in for all to share your joy?  Do you even hear the music while working out?  Is there some music that you HATE to listen to? 

Do you have any workout rituals, something you have to do before or after?  What do you think of kombucha?

Post your random thoughts and answers to comments.


  1. Emmalee :

    Work out rituals… This ones for you Cherie, using the bathroom before, in the middle and after the 1 hour class!

  2. Nick Holmes :

    Hello Verve Community,
    I just started following your gym’s wods this past week, and i have noticed that there are workouts every day. what days do you recommend to take as rest days?

  3. Nat :

    Lets be honest, we all differ in our choice of music when it comes to a WOD. With that said, I love when the music is upbeat- I am always down for some Hard Rock or some Hip Hop. Yet, to me, the most important aspect of my daily WODs at the Verve depends upon my fellow Ververs’s attitudes. If everyone is lethargic and unenergetic then my WOD tends to hit the fan. Conversely, if people are excited and ready to kick ass then I feed of the community’s vive. Ultimately, it’s not the music, it’s the Verve team that makes us such an incredible group of athletes!

  4. Tanja :

    Dear Zac –
    Thanks for the sweet MOD’ed WOD that me and Gimpy Deuce (or Mel Z) did tonight – it was an awesome crossfit kick in the ass! I’m thanking you now because I’ll probably be cursing your name tomorrow.
    p.s. – Kombucha is awesome. The slimy kombucha in the bottom makes me yack. It’s a bit problematic.
    p.p.s. (or is it p.s.s.?) – any music that makes me channel my inner fight club is good. Sorry, that doesn’t really include Shakira.
    p.p.s.s. – post-WOD ritual = 100 tricep extensions. It’s going to be the strongest handstand push-up you ever saw!
    I’m out. 😀

  5. derek :


  6. Lynn :

    There is music playing during WODs? I don’t hear anything except that little voice inside my head saying, ‘you can do it, you can do it’ over and over until it’s done! Funny, isn’t it? I must still have to think too hard…ha!

  7. Cherie :

    Hi Nick and Welcome
    In order to optimize our programing we recommend M-T-W on Th off Fri-Sat on Sun off. Hope this helps

  8. Lisa :

    TODAY is the last day to call for a reservation to go on our epic Class IV-V high water, no sh*@, raft trip! Please call by close of business today. 970.845.7238
    I will post car pool info and directions to the put-in site later today. I promise you folks…you DO NOT want to miss this trip. Call NOW! We will be having a “de-brief” lunch at the brewery in Frisco on the way out of town. We’ll make a reservation as soon as we have a final number of people.

  9. Nick Holmes :

    Thanks a bunch Cherie!!

  10. James :

    My favorite pre-WOD ritual is counting the number of minutes Patrick is late.

  11. Caitlin :

    I’m a big fan of the club jams… and I hate butt rock.
    Kombucha is the best thing to happen since H20. Grape is by far the best.

  12. Tiffany :

    loud music that makes ya wanna move, hip hop, alternative/metal. don’t really like 80s or classic rock to work out to myself, but i’m always down for whatever!!
    i think there is a point in most wods where my brain receptors no longer have the capacity to recognize music. or think. it takes everything just make things move. lol.
    pre wod ritual: “oh crap! how much water have i had today?” proceed to chug water.
    post wod ritual: wash hands.

  13. Lisa :

    YEEHOO! We have 28 people signed up to go rafting as of this morning. The “Numbers” section of river is still too high to run by law. It is running at 2520 CFS, the cut off is 2250 CFS. We rafted it last year at 2200!! So, it will be a last minute call as to what section we will be rafting depending on water levels on Sunday morning. The meeting place will not change. We will be meeting in Granite, CO. at an outpost of the Vail rafting company. Please remember to bring extra warm layers of clothes to go over your wetsuit and under your jacket and lifejacket. Also, a dry set of warm clothes for when you get off the river. I would recommend a warm jacket, a hat and gloves for when you get off the river. I’m not kidding here…you’ll be glad you are prepared.

  14. Tanja :

    Lisa – are you referring to the Backcountry Brewery in Frisco?

  15. Lisa :

    No, actually, I think we went to the Dillon Dam Brewery in Dillon last year. Which is right off the Dillon exit, not Frisco. Sorry.
    From Interstate 70:
    We are just off I-70, Exit 205, then East on U.S. Hwy 6 for less than 1/4 mile. Take the third right onto West Anemone Trail. We are located on the south side of the road. We are next to Christy Sports and the Dillon Factory Stores which are both located directly on U.S. Hwy 6.

  16. Lisa :

    Driving directions from the VERVE to Granite, CO. The “boathouse” is a white building on the right side of the road in Granite. This is really the ONLY building in Granite, CO. You cannot miss it. It is on US 24. It will take you about 2 hours to get there. The meeting time is 8:30am in Granite. We will have a carpool from the VERVE meeting at 6am on Sunday morning. I will print a map and directions and have them available today at the gym.
    1. Head east on W 38th Ave toward Julian St 0.4 mi
    2. Turn right at Federal Blvd 3.0 mi
    3. Slight right to merge onto US-6 W 8.2 mi
    4. Take the exit onto I-70 W toward Grand Jct 65.5 mi
    5. Take exit 195 to merge onto CO-91 S toward Copper Mountain/Leadville 22.6 mi
    6. Continue onto US-24 E/N Poplar St 1.0 mi
    7. Turn right at E 9th St 0.1 mi
    8. Turn left at Harrison Ave 0.5 mi
    9. Continue onto Silver Dr 0.3 mi
    10. Continue onto US-24 E/Front St
    Continue to follow US-24 E. Lakota Guides is a white building on the right side of the highway. You will see a large parking area there. Please pull into the parking area and do not park on US 24.

  17. Slaughter :

    Emmalee – sounds like a personal issue 😀
    Nat – I’m with you on the energy and enthusiasm.
    Desired Music: Loud, Hard, Rock.
    Pre-Workout Rituals: Slaughter a small rodent or large farm animal.
    Post-Workout Rituals: Cook it for dinner. (and superglue torn hands)
    On a more serious note I always analyze the workout finding what is my target for it, and prepare myself to rest efficiency and as little as possible.

  18. Caitlin and I are bringing Bieber Fever to Crossfit Verve….:) HOlla!

  19. Jonathan D. :

    What is a “skin the cat” movement?

  20. Jack :

    Simian Mobile Disco – Hustler

  21. Cherie :

    Jon D Check out this website for info on gymnastic how to’s and skills

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