Friday 100617

Bench press 5, 3, 1+ reps @ 75%, 85%, 95%
(Print worksheet out w/ your numbers)

Then, "Canada Regional WOD #4"

50 Double unders
10 Burpees
40 Double unders
10 Burpees
30 Double unders
10 Burpees
20 Double unders
10 Burpees
10 Double unders
10 Burpees

Post time to comments.

Hope you don't get sea sick.

Feeling roughed up?  Does your body feel like it's been through three rounds with
BJ Penn? Well, it should – this week marks the end of week three of our four week linear progression with the strength program.  In addition, the metcons have been pretty darn demanding over the three weeks as well.  Well, don't you worry – next week will be a bit of a break for your aches and pains, as we'll be decreasing the percentages for the strength workouts and we'll reduce the physical and mental demands from your metcons.

Say what?!?  Yeah, that's right – we can't always go 100% full throttle all of the time and we recognize that.  Think of next week as active recovery week and focus on mechanics of the movements rather than your time or load.  We've done this before – some hate it, some love it, but all benefited from it.  Give your body a break as we finish out our 1st wave of the strength cycle and as July rolls around you'll be rewarded with a recharged mind and body.  

But until Monday – GAME ON!  Give the rest of this week everything you've got!


  1. Amanda K. :

    I entered Verve 1 year ago today for my first group wod. I was scare out of my mind. I did the elements foundation but this was a whole new animal. Seriously. Scared. I don’t remember driving there or driving home after. The wod had a burpee penalty if you didn’t complete the reps in the set amount of time. Great, I thought. I’m gonna make a nice impression by giving my fellow wod partners burpees. Somehow I made it through and from that day have never turned back. Verve is amazing and vitally important to me. Matt, Cherie, Zac, Heather, Joylyn, Anna and Luke – your effort and attention has changed my life, outlook and most importantly my health and fitness. Verve Peeps – you are my inspiration and motivation, inside the box and outside the box. I am so proud to call Verve my home. My journey this year has been crazy hard and painful (both good and bad) and I want to say a big THANK YOU! To date, I have lost 55lbs and am almost back to the shape I was when I moved to Colorado in 1997. Verve, you rock my socks off! (except in deadlifts.) Thank you all.

  2. Courtney :

    You are one of my favorite people to see at the gym, you have an amazing attitude and enthusiasm for being there that has a way of rubbing off on others. I am so happy for you and all that you have accomplished in the past year. Your hard work and dedication is an inspiration to me, so thank you!!! Happy Anniversary!!

  3. Amanda! You’re freakin’ awesome and CONGRATS on coming so far this year! I’m with Courtney. I always am happy to see your face and rockin’ bod at the gym. Add to it that you’re funny as shit and have such a fantastic energy! I love working out with you and I’m very proud to know you and call you a friend and fellow Verver.
    Keep up the great work! I admire you and all you’ve accomplished :). *RUN* n’ *HUG*

  4. MrLeet :

    I miss Verve! I hope to be back soon (as in next week) after my near fatal rhabdo inducting workout – well not quite but its been weeks!
    See you all soon.
    Catherine, will you hold my hand during my first wod back?

  5. Lisa :

    Bada@#! I love it, Matt. What a great day on the river. Look at that blue sky….

  6. Brett :

    Fuck yeah!

  7. Tanja :

    LMAO! Very rarely has my inner evil spawn been captured on film – nice work Matt! And for those that didn’t catch it – my expectation was that the day was gonna be swwwwwwweeeeeeeeeetttttttttttt!

  8. Whoa! What’s up with the water on the lense? I thought our cameras were better than that… Water sloughing n’ such.

  9. bk :

    bk as rx’d 7:25

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