Friday 100917

Week 16: Back squat 5, 5, 5 @ 40%, 50%, 60%
Please be sure to use the spreadsheet (linked right here)

Then, ten intervals of :30 work and :30 rest alternating between:
Dumbell push press, 40#/25#
Ball slams

Post total reps to comments.

Ironman finishNick
Nick Brereton and his brother finish the ironman in 13:46

This is it!  Believe it or not, you've completed four months of the 5/3/1 program.  This linear progression has taken you down a long and winding road of varied percentages and reps leaving you at the doorstep of a new 1 rep max.  Now it's up to you to test your hard work and dedication.

We'll be doing the CrossFit Total on Monday, so you'll have the opportunity to set a new PR for the back shoulder press, back squat and deadlift.  Not to worry – if you absolutely can't make it to any of Monday's 8 classes, we'll be allowing you to make up the Total on Tuesday or Thursday at 7:30pm. Enjoy the rest of deload week and congratulations on four months of hard work.


  1. Heather S :

    Hey!!!! Nice job!!!!! Ya’ll look so fresh! Not even tired!

  2. Matt :

    Somehow I bet that’s not the case… Nick? Clarify please.
    Haven’t done an actual Total in over a year – I’m excited.

  3. Nick :

    walk in the park! haha…not really. I was definitely tired. Long but great day. Couldn’t have done it without the help from everyone at Verve. you guys rock. Thanks a million.

  4. Doug :

    Congrats nick- that’s a hell of an accomplishment- seriously!

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