Friday 101022


Three rounds for time of:
10 Ground to overhead, 95# (65#)
200 yard Shuttle sprint, 50 yards there and back twice

Post time to comments.

J. Rookie getting it done at 6:30.

Wikipedia defines Range of Motion(ROM) as: “the distance that a movable object may normally travel while properly attached to another object.”  Seems fitting that we use the term full Range of Motion in CrossFit as it pertains to this definition.  When we talk about full ROM, we are training our muscles to perform at their fullest potential.  The only way your muscles will learn and be stronger is through full ROM.  

Lets break down the definition shall we.  

“The distance that a moveable object may normally travel”, think of this as it pertains to the shoulder press.  

“moveable object” = the bar or load

“distance” = from your shoulders to overhead.

“Normal travel” = the straight up path that your head would accommodate for by moving back and out of the way.  

“while properly attached to another object” = could be thought of as your humerus, radius, and ulna connected to your scapula and ligaments that keep the head of the humerus in the shoulder socket.

So in the world of full Range of Motion, we would want your shoulder press to start at your shoulders and move upward in as straight line and end at the top with elbows fully extended and shoulders into you ears to support the weight.  If you were to practice so-so Range of Motion, you would settle for: elbows mostly extended and no support from you shoulders.  Nay I say!  Your muscles do not want you to settle.  They want to be used from end to end.  So think of the little guys(i.e. muscle fibers) that help you achieve so much in your life, and don’t settle.  


  1. Slaughter :

    This one seems pretty easy / short. That scares me.

  2. Sarah Lev :

    Short yes, Easy no.

  3. Blake :

    Slaughter, I want you in under 4 minutes.

  4. Cruz :

    The Matt Chan on the main site!
    And yes, this looks both short and easy (used to describe my slutty alter-ego).
    I’m trying out the open Parkour session at the Apex Movement in Englewood this evening. I’ll let you guys know how bad I hurt myself.

  5. Slaughter :

    what was your time blake? is 4 minutes possible?

  6. Blake :

    4:49 and I broke up round 2 and 3. Sub-4 is definitely possible and you dont have to be the Matt Chan to do it.

  7. Slaughter :

    i mean seriously, who throws logs? oh wait I’ve done that too.

  8. Mas :

    We are going to watch jackass 3D at the pavilions downtown @ 8pm. Should be fun. Join us if would like to. Heard there is some poo throwing, no logs though.

  9. Adam M :

    Oh my I can’t wait to get acclimated… 4:29…. sub 4 is definately possible

  10. Joylyn :

    Cruz–you and your slutty alter ego made me laugh so hard.
    Adam M–that’s cruisin’! Glad you’ve made Verve your home!
    I’m excited for some 3D Jackass…I think. See you all there, I’m bringing tissues for my happy laughin’ type tears.

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