Friday 101029

Three rounds for time of:

30 Wall ball shots, 20#/14#

30 Hang squat snatches, 75#/45#

Hang squat snatches are to begin from below the knee.  If a bare bar is dropped, everyone stops the workout and completes 15 burpees before commencing the workout.

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Barbells For Boobs!

The Barbells For Boobs event is this Saturday at the Park Meadows Lululemon store. The event runs from 8-10 AM and people can show up when they want and filter in when a station is open. The closer to 8 AM that people arrive the better. Park Meadows has put together a raffle for everyone who has donated $35 to Barbells for Boobs that will include the prizes below! Park Meadows will also be serving fruit, water, hot chocolate and beer for all the competitors and spectators. There will also be chair massages!

Event Details

  • First round of the workout will start at 8am and start times and will conclude at 10am.
  • Anyone can participate in the CrossFit workout (no donation necessary).
  • Only those contributing the $35 to Mammograms in Action will be entered in the raffle drawing though.
  • You must be present to win the raffle prizes.
  • Castle Rock radio will be DJing the event!

Raffle Prizes

  1. Workout apparel, top and bottom, for 1 man and 1 woman donated by Lululemon.
  2. A two-night one bedroom cabin stay at Devils Thumbs Ranch/Resort valued at $680.00.
  3. Two $100 dollar gift certificates donated by Sports Authority .
  4. A $30 gift certificate to Merles Restaurant in Littleton.
  5. A $25 gift certificate to Opus Restaurant in Littleton.
  6. A $30 gift certificate to Dream Acres Ranch for 10 Bars of Handmade Goat Milk Soap.
  7. Therapy Basket valued at $150 along with a 50% discount for a 60, 90, or 120 minute hot stone massage donated by Hands on Massage and Bodywork.
  8. For a woman, a 16kg kettlebell and 1 pair of Rage grips.  For a man a 24kg kettlebell and 1 pair of rage grips.
  9. $25 gift certificate Kate's Wine Bar in Littleton, along with a basket of a variety of wines.
  10. One poster of the write-up "You Are Beautiful" by Jon Gilson.

Who's going?  Post thoughts to comments. 


  1. Jen :

    I’m going and have already signed up! The door prizes are an added bonus for sure!!

  2. Slaughter :

    yay prizes! I’m going so lets carpool!
    Call me 4aride, 858-449-8695

  3. Blake :

    You can also call Slaughter for a good time…just saying

  4. Sarah Lev :

    I will be there!!

  5. robyn :

    I signed up, i think car pool people plan to meet at the gym around 7, for those that want to car pool:) Or should we meet earlier?

  6. Mas :

    Good luck to the peeps that are partaking in the Barbells for Boobs. We will be working 🙁 A reminder to all that early registration for the Earn your Turkey CrossFit challenge at MBS will close on 10-31. The price will go up $10 more after that. The Mrs. and I are signed up!

  7. Ali Nichols :

    I will be there! I heard to meet at Verve @7am…..See you all then:)

  8. derek :

    I’ll be in town so I am thinking of doing it

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