Friday 110408

As a team of four, complete as many reps as possible in 12:00 of:

Prowler push 20m
Dumbell push press, 40#/25#
Kettlebell swings, 1.5 pood/1 pood

In this workout, the pace is set by the team member pushing the sled.  The next team member is accumulating as many reps as possible of push press.  The third team member is accumulating as many reps as possible of KB swings.  The fourth team member is enjoying a rest.  

Post team members and total reps of KB swings and push press to comments.

Tim Keefe working through injury and leaving no doubt about ROM.

The Hip Extension

The GHD machines at CrossFit Verve are being used more and more everyday by athletes searching for answers regarding improved midline stability.  But where do we start? Improved midline stability through control of the erectors, hamstrings, and glutes would be a safe bet… and what better exercise to start with than the GHD hip extension?


The hip extension requires postural strength by holding the trunk in full extension for the duration of the movement.  The dynamic nature of the hips in this movement provide a potent response from the glutes and hamstrings, while the erectors are contracting hard against the abdominals to maintain trunk extension. This is the exact same position that we require from a deadlift, squat, or press.

Begin by trying three set of eight to ten reps with a partner watching your lumbar spine for any deviation from extension (i.e. loss of lumbar curve).  When developing a capacity at this movement, start with slow controlled movements and add a little speed as you improve over time.  Shoot for 25 reps without stopping.  


  1. Addie :

    Hey is anyone carpooling again tomorrow from Verve to Roots?

  2. Greg B :

    So is anyone carpooling in the am up to the peoples republic?

  3. Ross :

    Great tan Tim! You may want to lay off baggin’ rays.

  4. Tim’s a beast. Period.
    I was wondering about carpooling tomorrow too. What’s the plan as far as how the day will play out?

  5. Joylyn :

    Carpooling from Verve @730AM tomorrow. It’s gonna be fun!!! Post if we should expect you please.

  6. I’ll be meeting the peeps at Cork to carpool 🙂

  7. Addie :

    Expect me for carpooling from Verve! 🙂

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