Friday 110506


10 – 9 – 8 -… – 3 – 2 – 1 rep rounds for time of:

Deadlift, 1.5x body weight
Bench press, body weight
Clean, .75x body weight

If you can not bench press your body weight substitute ring dips.

Post time to comments. 
Welcome Leah out of Foundations, rockin' the double-unders!
Today's WOD is one that might induce tremors, butterflies, and fear. To the average Joe that visits our site for the first time, they might look at this workout and think "how the hell?"  Not to worry, there are only a handful of athletes at Verve that will be able to complete this WOD as Rx'd.  Substitutions are a part of the game.  We want you to focus on mechanics and skills before we add too much intensity.  

Doing a WOD as Rx'd is a goal in itself for many people.  For months, new members spend much of the time getting a hang of the movements and amping up the intensity levels.  As they become more proficient with the skills involved with CrossFit workouts, they can shoot for doing the WOD as Rx'd.  Does this mean that the first few months are going to be easier?  Why don't you come find out for yourself…

Reminder…  Saturday classes will be held at Commons Park at 18th and Little Raven. Sunday we will be taking a field trip to Red Rocks!!!


  1. James (O.G.) :

    Can you schedule a 3:30 class so that I can be done by 5:30? Thanks.

  2. bill :

    Can we “female drivers licsense” our weight down 10-15lbs? I already know, ring dips it is.

  3. Nick B :

    Can anyone give me an update on the “field trip to Red Rocks” on Sunday? Are we meeting at Verve first or are we just meeting at Red Rocks? Thanks.

  4. Dane :

    I have a goal to not come in dead last was of these days! 40 minutes on this one. Fun but harder than long division.

  5. Leslie :

    If anyone wants to carpool on sunday- let me know 🙂

  6. robyn :

    Yeah Leah!!! Congrats on finishing foundations, and welcome to the VERVE family:)
    “Linda” is scary…we’ll see how it goes.

  7. John :

    I did a WOD at the women’s Rx recently and was pretty damn happy about it!

  8. Jen Wiman :

    There is no doubt about it…Linda is more of a bitch than Fran!

  9. James (O.G.) :

    They’re just totally different bitches, Jen. Fran is the hot bitch that you have great sex with one night but she slashes your tires and boils your bunny the next day because you didn’t call her back soon enough. Linda’s the bitch that you date for a year, who seems really nice at first, but eventually her peristent verbal abuse and soul-crushing negativity eat into your psyche until you can barely stand.

  10. James… as for the slowest person on the board so far today at 49:15 rx..all I have to say is I got thru it. I am sure you can too… but you better start your warmup to get done by 5:30. I expect sub 40 for you.

  11. Jen Wiman :

    James-very well stated! Thanks for the laugh.

  12. James (O.G.) :

    Jake, you are a better man than I. Had to drop weight on all three exercises: bench press went down to 135 to accompdate shoulder issues, cleans at 135, deadlift at 270. 32:00.

  13. Cherie :

    Jake – I beat your slowest time by a slower time of 53:34
    I am however very happy to have done it rx’d seeing as 145 is my max bench press and I probably should not have done 140 in the WOD, but sometimes you gotta just grind it out.
    210#, 140#, 105#
    Thanks to Beth, Robyn and Jacob for getting me through!
    Have fun at the park tomorrow guys!

  14. David S :

    24:36 RX

  15. I got you ALL beat with the slowest time: 55.58.
    125# squat cleans (SUCKED ASS), 165# deadlift (sucked ass less), ring dips with the purple band (totally a rest period).
    Hard. Linda can f*ck right the hell off for awhile.

  16. Jim Duwve :

    I have a tremendous love hate relationship with Linda. I remember it as the first WOD I saw on the main site back in June of 2005. I tried it as RX’d not even knowing how to do a Deadlift or a Clean. However, I scaled up my bench to 185 because that was my favorite lift back then. After the round of 10 I decided to do 8, 6 4, 2 and it still took me forever. Years later, and after many encounters with Linda, (James she is psychotic b*tch but, I always let her into my life) I still have problems with the deadlifts and cleans. My best time until yesterday was around 45 minutes. How, I managed a 27:44 at (240,160,120) rx’d is a mystery to me. But, I know it never would have been possible without the help of the Verve trainers and Verve family. My sincere thanks for helping me finally achieve a respectable time on Linda.

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