Friday 110513

For time:

1000m Row
50 One arm dumbbell snatch, 30#(20#) 
750m Row
35 One arm dumbbell snatch, 30#(20#) 
500m Row
20 One arm dumbbell snatch, 30#(20#)  

Post time to comments.

Dumbbells are fun, look Erick agrees!

More on Beat the Streets event this Saturday

When: Saturday starting at 9am, last heat goes off at 10:30 
What:  Beat the streets fundraiser
Bring: Anybody and everybody you want to

You do not need to sign people up ahead of time (So Dustin bring your 10 closest friends, we will scale).  If you are signed up for a class you will be automatically put on a team for the beat the streets WOD. No donations necessary, $25 suggested and all money goes to Steve's Club to help get kids off the streets and into a CrossFit gym.

See you there! 

Schedule change for am classes.

Reminder that the morning classes change next week.  Our am classes will be 5:30, 6:30 and 7:30am.  We know this is not ideal for all.  We hope that it is for most, as we've had an overwhelming amount of people ask for this change. We will be giving it a month trial and go from there.  So let us know what you think; good, bad or indifferent.


  1. Dan :

    530 is EARLY, 630 makes it a bit late for work. I’m in the “don’t like change camp” 🙂
    I’ll get myself ready for the 530am class next week.

  2. bill :

    I wish there was a 10 or 11am class

  3. bill :

    And also I think I might be taking fri off and can’t workout on saturdays due to my sched. Can you donate $25 to the charity on sat and charge it on my account? Or is that no bueno (spanish for not good)

  4. Tobias Coffin :

    Later Verve! Thanks for everything. The trainers and the members were amazing and I’m going to miss you guys a lot. I can’t begin to describe how much you have done for me this year, and I’m sad to have to leave. Keep up your hard work and dedication, and I will be seeing you guys around. Also, if you’re ever in the bay area, hit up Crossfit Moxie, that’s where I’ll be. Once again, thanks for everything, you guys are fantastic!
    3.2.1. GO!

  5. brooke :

    This 0530 class enables me to catch a WOD on a work day 🙂 sooo….awesome!!! Otherwise there are three days a week when I don’t have the oppertunity to get my ass kicked daily.

  6. Jim Duwve :

    Subbed, 1000m, 750m and 500m runs on a treadmill at 6:40, 6:20 and 6:00 minute pace. All snatches done unbroken alternating arms except the last set, I did 10 and 10. 17:48
    Started off with dumbell presses 5×3. 40,45,50,50×2,50. Then 30#’s for 15,12,9.
    I did this one in a hotel at the Houston airport. On my way to Lima, Peru tonight. I love working out at sea level, my body doesn’t know what to do with all the oxygen. However, I cant figure out why my clothes are soaking wet and I’m not thirsty.

  7. bill :

    It was fun working out with you tobias, have a safe trip man!

  8. 18:40 rx, well, minus full squat!!!
    That WOD SUCKS at life!!!

  9. David S :

    19:36 rx

  10. Courtney :

    Best of luck to you Tobias, we will miss you as well.

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