Friday 110701

Five rounds for time:

15 Ring push-ups
15 Deadlifts 185# (125#)

Post time to comments.
Jump rope 2
530pm class getting their ninja jump-rope skillz on–watch out, there's some serious vertical going on!

Well, you all have asked for the 2011 CrossFit Games shirts–and now you can get them, but for a short time only!  Remember, we are doing a pre-order of these bad boys, so you have to get your order into MindBodyOnline via the Verve Gear link on the lefthand side of the website–by TUESDAY, July 5th.  These are the same American Apparel shirts/sizes we currently have, in case you are wondering about fit.  Women have the additional option of ordering tanks, which will be Bella brand.  Or of course, you gentlemen wanting the "sun's out, guns out" could also order tanks, more of the "schmedium" fit for you!

You can also order the white drip tee or tank without the Games taglines on the back, just simply email us after you put your order in, and we'll make a note.  Otherwise, show your support for our three AMAZING competitors–Matt Chan, Cherie Chan, and Master's Athlete Jim Duwve.  They are all too humble and thus protested singing their praises, but the fact remains that each of them is incredibly disciplined and has worked very hard to earn their spots to compete on the world stage this month in L.A.  We couldn't be more proud to send such worthy, well-rounded, and gosh darn fun to be around athletes to represent CrossFit Verve.  


Swimming Workshop and WOD reminder–This Sunday, fun-day July 3rd and next Sunday, July 10th.  We'll be practicing skills and drills around the basics of the freestyle stroke, including body roll and recovery, breathing techniques, and the flutter kick.  Classes will be held at 8am, 9am and 10am and will run around an hour including a CrossFit swimming-based WOD.  Cost is $10 per member, $20/non-member and class size will be limited each session.  Sign up on MindBody before they fill up!



  1. Tobias Coffin :

    Those are super sick. Glad I got one

  2. Dan Y. :


  3. Slaughter :

    holy soreness batman.
    shirt is en route

  4. Jim D. :

    Put the last three WOD’s together and did them back to back. Total was 47:56. This one was last and it took me 16:42 (2 minutes wasted resting after the Pullup-Burpee workout.) Arms and shoulders were fried after the 15 minutes of MU’s last night.

  5. Skip :

    Thanks Verve ! Great working out with you at the 6:30 am. Zac, great to see you man ! Still smiling 🙂

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