Friday 110715

Five rounds for time:

20 Double-unders
10 Pull-ups
5 Push-Press 155# (105#)

Post time to comments. 
Welcome Lakota!  Excited to have you join us.

 "Most of us would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism."  –Rainer Martens

So I have a confession to make….."I wanna be good at everything." And when I'm not……then I get frustrated, and sometimes, every once in a while, that frustration comes out in the open.  I think it's CrossFit's fault really, I mean that's what we teach about building a capacity across a wide variety of areas so that we'll be ready for anything that life throws at us.  But lately I've caught myself getting a little defensive when being coached–course I am a bit of a perfectionist, it's always been a fault of mine.  It nearly always happens when it's a movement or exercise I'm definitely not  good at.  So I get a little frustrated at myself for not doing as well as I know I can or want to.  It happens to all of us, even as trainers, because we know the "how" of it, but sometimes can't apply it in the moment.  

But in the end, it comes down to being coachable, and learn a lesson every day.  So taking the moment to listen and let the feedback sink in, and then hopefully put it into play.  Patience is a virtue and there will always be something to work on, so we have to be willing to leave our ego at the door and laugh at ourselves when we are here.  Some days we got it, some days we don't.  But every day we have a choice on how to respond.    

What do you have difficulty being coached on?


  1. Ali Nichols :

    Hey Everyone! Would anyone be interested in doing the Wild West Relay from Fort Collins to Steamboat? I had a friend do it last year and she said it was amazing and beautiful! We need a team of 12 and the average leg is about 5.5 miles 🙂 Any interested?? Check it out…

  2. Ali Nichols :

    Never mind…its $1400. Maybe we can get someone to sponsor us! lol

  3. Leslie :

    @Ali- a friends brother has a team and was looking for people- not sure if he still is. If you are interested I could put you in touch. They have done it the last 2 years and said it was super fun.

  4. Emily :

    I feel like I am a coachable person but I have a problem when it comes to showing my frustration in an effective way… Which means I cry. So if ever you correct me and I lose it and start tearing up, NBD, it’s just the frustration I have for myself in liquid form.

  5. AnnieCam :

    Kiel has a problem being coached on the most direct way to drive somewhere.

  6. AnnieCam :

    Emily…I do the same thing!

  7. CC :

    Handstand walking – I get frustrated a multiple people giving me multiple things to try. I get frustrated and don’t listen to any of them.
    Great Post Joylyn – thanks for the reminder – CC

  8. Helen :

    Hi, I have just started out body building, and as a woman, I am wondering which supplements are best to take in order to tone and cut up. I am on a high protein diet at the moment but I am not sure that this is right for me. Would you be able to advise me?

  9. sara :

    My friend used to be well into body building, and went from using fairly ordinary supplements to bulk up to steroids. Not a good move, he lost his hair and his manhood suffered, he was only on them a couple of months, but it had a dramatic impact on him, to the point where he lost his confidence. Always play by the rules and do it naturally, an un-natural physique is not worth the mental torture in the long run!

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