Friday 110722

For time:

1 Power clean & jerk, 155#/105#
1 Round of "Cindy"

2 Power clean & jerks, 155#/105#
1 Round of "Cindy"

3 Power clean & jerks, 155#/105#
1 Round of "Cindy"


10 Power clean & jerks, 155#/105#
1 Round of "Cindy"

One round of "Cindy" consists of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 air squats.

Post time and thoughts to comments

Some of the Verve crew at the 2010 CrossFit Games.

Who are we?

We’re people with aspirations and goals just like you. We dread the thought of not being able to do something because of physical limitations. We’re skiers, climbers, firefighters, students, mountain bikers, trail runners, swimmers, blah, blah, blah. What’s more important is what we have in common with you.

We chose CrossFit because we sought the same fitness level that you seek now. It started as an interest in being able to reach our goals as they relate to sport, but have since far outreached those boundaries. Now we seek to improve every aspect of our daily lives through fitness. To be able to perform our jobs better, to be surrounded by people who will celebrate our first pull up, to have a place to go to blow off a little steam, to try things that most adults would consider childish (which we consider cool).

You see, CrossFit has added value to our lives and we want you to be a part of that. Everything about CrossFit is challenging – driving to the gym and ignoring those butterflies in your stomach, willing yourself to take your intensity to new levels, finishing the filthy fifty as prescribed, and trying not to spend all day checking to see if tomorrow’s WOD has been posted yet. What makes it so fun is the fact that you are challenging yourself, along with every other person at CrossFit Verve. You can share that pain with each other and somehow it becomes a success story – everyday.


  1. Dan Y. :

    Hey peeps, check out the amazing video of Matt and Cherie on the main site a couple days ago:

  2. Dan Y. :

    Oops… that’s the wrong video post. Whatever, go to and scroll down to July 20th, 2011. Click on the video out the Chans!

  3. Dan Y. :
  4. Rich :

    Today’s post could not have come on a more perfect day! In January many of us started a “challenge,” and for many of us it became routine and our current lifestyle – myself included! By doing this it got the ball rolling towards my goal, increased work capacity, increased strength, mobility, and most importantly LOOKING GOOD WITH MY SHIRT OFF!
    I had a personal goal set for myself – and today I have achieved it: prior to our challenge I weighed in at 185 Lbs – as of today I am 165 LBS! 20 Lbs gone in 6 months is a huge success for me – along with that, prior to CrossFit Verve, I was weighing in just under 220 (2008).
    The value that CrossFit and Verve has brought to my life is priceless – I am beyond thankful for it all!!!

  5. Matt :

    Congrats Rich!!! That’s so badass.

  6. Ross :

    Awesome Rich! You slim fother mucker

  7. Joylyn :

    Congrats Rich–you are looking and performing fabulously!
    Also congrats to Desiree for getting her first kipping pull-up yesterday!
    Everyone who ordered Games shirts–THEY ARE IN AT THE GYM AND READY FOR PICKUP!

  8. Matt :

    BTW, people have asked about this post…
    This post is the second thing that we typed on our blog. The first was our mission, the second was who we are. Take a look at the “Trainers” page.

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