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Five rounds for max reps of:
Body weight bench press

Post reps to comments.

Patty holding a nice plank on her rope climb subs, GREAT job.

Starting in October we are going to have a revamped endurance program.  It is scheduled two days a week, one am class and one pm class, the new program is a 6 week progressive adventure.  Anyone can attend, however keep in mind it will come with homework to be done 2 more times that week.  This is perfect for those planning on completing endurance events, those who attended the competitors hour, or those who are just looking to improve their running technique.  

This will be a technique intensive 6 weeks.  Old habits are hard to break and we will need to drill them out of us. This is also a great option for a second WOD.

The Endurance WOD's. 

WHAT IS CROSSFIT ENDURANCE? The CrossFit Endurance has two fronts, 1. To allow CrossFit Athletes to CrossFit and compete in endurance sports all while getting faster and stronger. 2. It gives a unique opportunity for endurance athletes to learn another significant way to effectively train for any event they wish to compete in. It also provides a unique opportunity for them to have a life outside of training. Something most endurance programs will not allow for with the sheer volume demand of these programs. 

It brings to light the reality of LSD/Oxidative training and why it is ineffective and extremely unhealthy. It gives you the ability to understand training endurance athletes and how to make strength and conditioning a major part of the program and not a supplement.

Why should I use CrossFit Endurance for my endurance training?

Are your times CONSISTENTLY getting faster at ALL distances (what was your last 5k time compared to a year ago)?

How high can you jump? (Many marathoners cannot jump onto a 12 inch box.)

How many push-ups/pull-ups/squats/etc. can you do?

Have you, or are you, suffering from chronic-use injuries (plantar fasciatis, IT Syndrome, runners knee, etc.)?

How many hours do you train per week? How many hours does your spouse/family wish you trained? (This program only requires 6-8 hours per week to COMPETE at Ultra/Ironman distances.)

Why are there no long runs/rides/swims (aerobic training) in this type of training?

Long runs/rides/swims fall into the category of training we term “long slow distance” (LSD) and is solely aerobic in nature.

Aerobic training has the following benefits and drawbacks:

• Increased cardiovascular function   • Decreased muscle mass
• Better fat utilization   • Decreased strength
• Greater capillarization   • Decreased power
• Increased Mitochondrial growth   • Decreased speed
    • Decreased anaerobic capacity
    • Decreased testosterone levels

It is apparent that the many drawbacks of LSD training easily overpower the limited benefits. It is our contention that limiting an athlete’s exposure to LSD training will allow them to remain not only functionally competent in other areas of fitness and competitive in aerobic endurance pursuits, but DOMINATE in ALL areas of fitness.

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PLEASE BE WARNED CF ENDURANCE recommends  three plus hours between a WOD and and Endurance WOD for best results.  If you would like to add more Endurance WOD's to your training check out the link here


  1. Lex :

    Something to keep in mind for those going into endurance training in regards to running technique and footware.

  2. Matt :

    Competition team and endurance class:
    We’d like you to buy your own metronome for cadence drills. Verve will have some, but not even close to enough for everyone.
    I recommend this one:
    iPhone apps: “Tempo” from or “MetroTimer” (free, but shitty).

  3. Cherie :

    Here is a great quote from the article Lex linked
    “The bottom line is that runners must first and foremost modify their running style for ultimate safety and benefit, and this should be done gradually through regular practice. Once that is achieved, Vibram FiveFingers ( or barefoot or flat shoes) can be a safe and effective shoe for those who want to experience the feel of barefoot running.”
    Key point – Technique 1st and change your shoes gradually.
    Thanks Lex

  4. Cherie :

    PS did you guys see the link Leslie posted yesterday? Pretty cool I think Rob Wolff was in it.

  5. Britt :

    Where is the workout taking place tomorrow?

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