Friday 120120

For Quality, 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of:
Standing dumbbell inverted cross (pick a challenging weight)
Toes-to-bar from L-hang

WOD courtesy of the GWOD.

Post accomplishments and thoughts to comments.

Mike L using his fitness to find a great view and some fun.

Ahhh, gymnastics and mastering our own body awareness, mechanics and capabilities. Today’s workout can be made as difficult or easy as you choose. But you will leave with a better understanding of how to manipulate your body position in space. You will sweat and you will be happy you showed up.

Although not many of our workouts are officially done for quality, we constantly keep a focus on it as your coaches. Sure, we love to see that look in your eye when you find that next gear in a workout and turn it up. Sure, we appreciate that intensity = results.

But why do we chase quality? Because our mantra is Mechanics–>Consistency–>Intensity. Quality movement will lend itself to efficiency and more power output. Is it more difficult? Hell yes, but it will keep you safe and that in itself will allow you to hopefully live an amazing life for a long time. Which is why we all do this anyway, right? Other than just to look good. Because we already know that works (yesterday’s more confident, more attractive people, yes YOU!)

Best Shape of Your Life Challenge continues with……………bada-bing!
The Week 3 Menu/Mealplan!
Get it while it’s HOT, and oh, they ARE.

How goes it beautiful people?
How are you feeling, how are you cooking, what are your thoughts and inspirations?



  1. Matt :

    I’ve lost 12 pounds!!!!! Feel great too! Pr’d 5k yesterday.

  2. Leslie :

    I don’t know if I have lost weight- but the complements about how great I look are coming from all directions 🙂

  3. Jeremy :

    I’m struggling, quite frankly. getting crushed on lack of sleep and inability to get meals in at <5 hour intervals at work has been frustrating. Consecutive sub-20 point days are a bummer… keepin' at it, though!

  4. Julie H. :

    Doing really well, just planning ahead and bringing food with me when I travel. Feeling good!

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