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Bethany likes to change her perspective on the world some days.

Our “Best Shape of Your Life” Nutrition Challenge is nearly done with week 3.  Hopefully by now you’ve been able to notice and enjoy some of the benefits to fueling your body with healthy, whole food in hormonally balanced proportions, whether you’ve lost some pounds or inches, no longer need to take that afternoon nap, or are killing your workouts.  Of course, this is only 30 days of your life (so keep your head in the game for the next week) but we want to see each of you find some way to make what you put into your pie-hole a priority in your lifestyle.

Remember, when you invest in wholesome food and feeding your body in proportions to decrease inflammation, you are investing in your future.  You are fighting against the potential medications, procedures, and diseases that are so common in our society today.

So let’s talk about how you can continue this and be successful and let’s start today with how to eat paleo/zone without breaking the bank.  I’ve included some tips from a nifty blog LeanMachineNYC here, but started with the ones that we put into practice consistently.  Feel free to add your own, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Buy on sale.  Now this sounds obvious, but remember for instance that Wednesdays are double coupon days at Sunflower Market.  Although it’s good to plan out some of your meals before you hit the store, also let it be an adventure and let sales in the meat and fish departments help guide your menu.

Buy in bulk.  If you don’t have a Costco or Sam’s Club membership, find a friend or family member that does.  It’s a great place to get pounds of bell peppers, mushrooms, brussell sprouts, squash, frozen veggies and fruit.  Also, you can get proteins (although not grass-fed) for great prices.  Think USDA prime beef, organic chicken breasts, shrimp, ground buffalo, gluten free turkey breast, etc.

Get creative with spices.  Spices seem expensive at first because you get so little for the cost, but they’ll go a long way and make your dishes unique and flavorful. If you have old spices sitting around, toss them and start fresh.

Use aromatics like onions, shallots and garlic.  Onions, garlic and shallots are a good bang for your buck because they’re inexpensive and add tons of flavor. Keep them around at all times.

Minimize waste.  Be smarter about cooking and learn to embrace leftovers.  Eating mostly Paleo foods requires a certain amount of planning and prepping.  Having food ready and waiting will make life a lot easier.  Cook extra to have on hand and every few days clear it out.  Use leftover vegetables in omelets and soups.  Invent a new dish to use up whatever needs to be eaten.  If you do end up tossing something (it happens to the best of us), make a mental note so that next time you’ll be less likely to over-shop.

Balance the cheap stuff with the expensive stuff.  Love the avocados and splurge on your wild caught salmon?  But balance it out with some frozen veggies.  Make your receipt a blend of what you love and what you can compromise on.  

Shop at farmers’ markets or join a CSA.  The quality you will find at farmers’ markets will impress you.  The savings will amaze you.  Shopping at farmers’ markets is good for us AND the farmers, who need our support to continue supplying high-quality goods at affordable prices.  You’ll also have the opportunity to meet the people who grow your food.  You can ask them how your food was grown, even how it’s best prepared.  Check out and

Buy the whole bird (and use it all).  Anytime you buy poultry that has been cut up and skinned, you’re going to pay for it. Roasting a chicken is pretty simple and makes a great dinner.  You can also make chicken broth when you’re done.  When was the last time you popped a turkey in the oven?   Thanksgiving?  A turkey costs less than a dollar a pound (the price goes up during the holiday season) and makes a great dinner, lunch and snacks too.  Turkey breast is one of the best lean proteins out there, so eat it regularly.

Buy in season.  Again, this seems obvious, but our reliance on grocery lists sometimes limits us.

Try pre-prepped instead of pre-made.  Food that is pre-made is always more expensive than making it yourself, but food that comes pre-prepped can be cheaper. Here’s an example: on sale, marinated chicken kebabs on skewers with red, yellow and green peppers.  A little olive oil and garlic to cook them and deglaze the pan with chicken broth, etc. Serve with a simple salad, for an easy, inexpensive, yummy dinner.

Don’t buy food you won’t eat.  Eating Paleo means eating great meals, and there are many ingredients to choose from.  Hopefully you’re in this for the long haul which means you can take your time experimenting with new things.  Stick with foods you are familiar with and slowly begin to experiment.

Hook up with like-minded people.  Eating great food that is affordable and ethical is a priority for a lot of people. There are lots of like-minded people to hook up with.  If you find something worthwhile, share the news.  If you’re feeling ambitious, organize a potluck dinner, share recipes and eat well together.  Verve is one of those places filled with like-minded people, so get your butt in here regularly and find some support.  



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