Friday 120224

Breakfast of champions!

Breakfast Frittata recipe thanks to Darika!
8 eggs
4 blocks of meat, (I used meatballs)
8 total blocks of veggies.  I used 2 cups of sweet potatoes and 2 cups of peppers and onions
nonstick spray
3 T avocado, 1 block fruit per serving
hot sauce (optional)
chili powder, salt and pepper
Start by cubing the sweet potato, dicing the peppers and onions and chopping you meat choice.  Beat 8 eggs with a little pepper.Get a large nonstick skillet, at least 12″ for this portion if you are doing 14 blocks a larger skillet is needed.  Fill with 1/2″ of water and boil your sweet potatoes over med low heat until al dente, not too tender, 6-8 min.  More water may need to be added after 5 minutes, just add a little more.  When the water is evaporated or if  there is still water drain the water out.  Add your other veggies and meat to the potatoes.  Spray the whole thing with nonstick spray, add 1t of chili powder and salt and pepper to taste.  Cook until the veggies are to your tenderness, 5-7 minutes.  Reduce your heat to low.  I add more non stick to the pan by moving everything to one side, spraying the sides then move everything to other side and spray again.  Add your beaten eggs, cover and cook 20-25 min.  The middle should be set and the sides should be golden brown.Cut into 4 pieces, top with 3T avocado and hot sauce, serve with 1 block fruit. 
The whole frittata is 12P, 8C. Each plate with avo and fruit: 3P, 3C, 3F
Enjoy that extra sleep in the morning and still get your good breakfast!


  1. Rich :

    Here is a great video from GymnasticsWOD that breaks down WOD 12.1!

  2. Andrew :

    So I’ve been having an on going argument with a coworker about proteins, specifically complete proteins vs. incomplete proteins. I’m not really verbal arguer so I would love some help with setting her straight.


  3. Slaughter :

    Andrew what are you trying to convince?

    There are 9 Essential (not produced or manufacutered by other mechanisms) Amino Acids. Things that have all of these are generally animal proteins.
    Incomplete proteins do not have all 9 of these. The body can not manufacture these amino acids which are used for various things around the body. An incomplete protein is has nothing wrong with it except for if you are not getting amounts of amino acids which the body can not make. If i’m not mistaken Rice & Beans together in a meal contain all 9.

  4. Man, that was tough, but sure was fun this morning.

  5. Scotty :

    This was not as much fun with the fellas from the fire house heckling along!

  6. Greg B :

    F Me that was brutal. but WOD one done!!! 52 for the big guy not to shabby after a week of a upper lung butter issues. Get after it Verve peeps!

  7. Leslie :

    Thanks to everyone at the 6pm class today. Feeling the love- I made it to 75! Whoop! Good luck to all ya’ll!

  8. aMy k. :

    Ruh roh, Kweller just signed up for the Open! Goal: Not to finish last in the world. WOOT, Vervette power!

  9. Rex :

    I believe quinoa is a complete protein as well. Don’t quote me on that though.

  10. David S :


  11. Nick Brereton :


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