Friday 120406

As many rounds as possible in 10:00 minutes:
60 Bar facing burpees, 120# (80#)
30 Overhead squats, 120# (80#)
10 Muscle-ups

Ginger looking focused and ready to throw some crazy weight overhead.

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We’ve been having some interesting discussions about the importance of positive self-talk.  I’ve been trying to incorporate my own little “daily affirmations” into my workouts too.  The best athletes I know always seem to have a sense of calm and focus on nothing other than themselves in that very moment–some serious mental strength.  And that comes with practice.  

Just recently I had to spend 30 minutes of running and rope climbs by myself.  And you know that, well, I just don’t enjoy running.  And anything over 10 minutes is usually not much fun for me either.  I arrived and started warming up when I realized I didn’t have any earphones or music–>or anything else to distract me……..  cue: dramatic music, “Nooooooooo! ” 

I had to stay in the present moment, calming my breathing down, telling myself, ” keep moving,” for the whole 30 minutes without anyone else, or any music to distract me.  It was a tough workout, I didn’t quite meet my goal, but I did get a nice little self-therapy session.  I got to work on my positive self-talk and self-control in the midst of frustration.  And that is pretty dang special, I appreiciate being able to practice mental fortitude at CrossFit.  I know that it carries over into the rest of my life when difficult moments arise.

We have reasoning for usually not allowing earphones unless you are doing a running workout at Verve.  We want you to be able to hear your coaches, their cues, and to hear your fellow athletes.  But we also want you to practice your own head and heart talks.  In the end, YOU are the only one to get through the workout.  So do you vary your workouts, your distractions, or lack thereof?  Country Friday, dubstep day, or Justin Timberlake hits, is it going to make or break you when it gets tough?


  1. Matt :

    Way to go JJ – proud of you for toughing it out on that slog.

  2. Scotty :

    I’m at the station. What is a bar facing burpe

  3. Amanda K. :

    Hey Scotty – here’s a video with bar facing burpees.

  4. Trina R :

    I think it’s particularly important to stay focused (i.e. not have earphones) with running workouts. You don’t see the Olympic sprinters or elite Boston marathoners racing with headphones.

  5. Jeremy :

    102 reps with 95# OHS at station 63.

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