Friday 120413

As many reps as possible in 5:00 minutes:

Ground to overhead, 165# (110#)

Post reps to comments.

Jesse and Francis climbing to the top.















Hey Folks, (a message from Coach Luke)

So… You may have noticed that I’ve been around quite a bit more, especially in the mornings.  I hope that’s okay with our morning peeps, because I plan on being around quite a bit more in the mornings for awhile.  Tuesday through Saturday, in fact.  Yes, my peoples, Crossfit Verve recently hired me on to be a full time trainer, to my delight.  Let me explain a bit.  
I had been a Colorado Springs Firefighter for over 6 years, the last three of which I have lived here in Denver. Life has changed dramatically for me since I moved to Denver.  I got married in March of 2010.  I had my first child January 14th, of this year.  Amazing how priorities and expectations in life change when you have people to take care of.  
Bottom line, working at Verve is going to 1) Allow me to get better at cooling your beans. 2) Become more committed to an amazing establishment, and, 3) Become more balanced and happy in my life.  I get to see my wife and kid every day now.  Not too shabby.  
So, whereas now you know me, you will have the highly, highly, really, really highly esteemed privilege of knowing me even better now!  I know, I can’t wait either. 


Sunday Fun-day is April 29th!  Please join us for a community day that will include: a BBQ at CrossFit Verve, followed by an afternoon baseball game at Coors Field.  We will have the grill hot and ready for your tasty treats two hours before the game.  Your hometown Rockies will be taking on the New York Mets at 1:10pm.  From the gym we will have a “Verve bicycle gang” head down to the stadium.  If you do not have a bike, no worries some will walk and some will drive to the game.  Please post to comments your RSVP so we can reserve group tickets, are you in for FUN? 


  1. Leslie :

    I’m in for fun!

  2. Jeremy :

    Congratulations, Luke!

  3. Patrick M :

    Awesome Luke!!!! I am up for April Sunday Funday.

  4. James (OG) :

    Luke, you can cool my beans anytime. I’m really really highly highly really excited about this.

  5. Eric :

    In for sure!

  6. Mr. Watson :

    Congrats Luke! Watson’s are in.

  7. Heather O. :

    Congrats Luke! Count the Okimotos in for Sunday Funday.

  8. Lisa :

    So happy to see more of you Luke! Count me in for Fun!

  9. Meghan B :

    Congratulations Luke!!!! Count me in for April Sunday Funday!!!

  10. Robyn :

    Yea Luke! Bosch’s are in:)

  11. Emily A. :

    I am interested in Sunday fun day…well I wanna go!

  12. Emily A. :

    A week or so ago you posted the mantra about ‘not being what happens to you..’ etc., well I sent it to my co-workers and a few people have printed it and hung it up in their work space…including me. Good stuff.

  13. Matt :

    Congrats Luke! So happy to have you around more often.

    Cherie and I are – IN! We do have tickets for that game already however.

  14. Ginger :

    I’m in!!

  15. emily abernathy :

    Scotty is also in for fun day!

  16. Maria :

    Bob and I are super stoked for Sunday Funday! Count us in!

  17. Danni Brooks :

    Congratulations Luke!! That’s so awesome that you can be closer to your family 🙂
    John and I are in for Sunday Funday!

  18. Julie H. :

    I am in! Congrats, Luke.

  19. Noah and Trina :

    We’re there!

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